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Why I Started Creating Edge


I started Creating Edge because I wanted to help leaders expand their performance & people skills to shape their leadership & team culture. 

I wanted to help HR business partners provide an expanded toolkit to support leaders on this journey.

Having been a global leader myself for over 25+ years – I have first-hand experience on the challenges leaders face.  I experienced it myself, the highs & the lows & knew I could find a better way to help leaders meet the challenges!

Creating Edge had to help leaders manage:

  • Significant time pressures – save time
  • Constant strain from many directions – provide focus
  • Balancing personal/professional demands – help the balance
  • Maintaining focus in a distracted world – remove distractions
  • Driving performance under intensity – support results
  • Positively leading people under duress – simplify & enhance people skills

Creating Edge was founded to help leaders & human resource partners make a difference.

Not via looking backwards in a rear-view mirror, but always looking forward with the best possible solutions for leaders to expand & implement skills in a modern working environment.

By combining practical experience & learnings with the latest research, Creating Edge could fill a significant need supporting leaders who want to accelerate themselves & their team.

Solutions are delivered in the most convenient, time & cost-effective way. 

I know how hard it is to balance personal & team development alongside the rigours of daily leadership, solutions must be 100% relevant for today’s leaders & address todays challenges.

  1. Focus on Performance skills to remove time wasting that impacts team performance.
  1. Enhance People skills to help leaders (particularly technical leaders) adapt to the changing workforce & improve team engagement. 
  1. Help leaders & teams shape their own culture journey to successfully deliver high performance & a great team culture at the same time.

Whilst the team itself is the real determinant of team culture, how a leader leads, behaves & supports their team makes the difference.

To help leaders positively address their own actions & influence success with their team to make a step-change in the team environment.

As leader it can be difficult to find solutions. Personally, I found that many research solutions were tricky to apply in practical terms & I knew many leaders shared similar frustrations. 

By combining practical application with the latest research, we could create edge with easy-to-follow, online courses that are packed full of solutions & remove the guesswork.

To make solutions that are more accessible & actionable for leaders & teams, globally.

To establish convenient, comprehensive & cost-effective solutions that leaders can use immediately for rapid expansion or embed over time with teams for sustainable change.

Creating Edge wanted to help leaders take a step back for a moment – out of the constant pressure environment & focus on personal & team development in a structured way.

All courses are segmented into short modules to allow leaders & teams to focus on topics deeply & pace themselves against their workload. 

Leaders can make a difference, starting with as little as 10 minutes a day.

I 100% wanted to remove any level of hesitation & help leaders get started to make a improving their leadership & their team straight away.

Creating Edge seeks to inspire leaders to reach new heights & rise above the daily challenges, even more than they realise is possible.

Creating Edge particularly wanted to help leaders in technical industries that may not have had people skills & leadership as their core skills training over their career. 

Where success may have been driven by professional achievements & now leading people provides a whole new set of challenges.

By providing a laser-like focus on time & money wasting barriers on one hand, leaders can cultivate new ways of working & release time to focus on people.

Then by targeting the most critical people leadership skills we knew we could create a whole new leader who inspires & engages their team. 

This is THE exciting part. 

Leaders will never engage with their teams in the same way again, with Creating Edge they will make a step change in people skills whilst improving performance.

Finally, by combining all skills with a proven formula for success to deliver a visionary team focus with our Creating Edge Shaping Culture Journey. 

A step by step guide to proven team achievements. 

Over 25+ years of leadership experience for impactful personal & team leadership skills.

Creating Edge has high ambitions to support technical leaders around the world.

We look forward to joining & supporting you on your own leadership journey.

A journey, where we know that Creating Edge can make a significant lasting difference to your current leadership today.

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