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Leaders Can Positively Shape Team Culture

Leaders Can Positively Shape Team Culture - Creating Edge

Team culture is one of the most important aspects of a successful organisation, yet some leaders overlook it – Leaders Can Positively Shape Team Culture.

Team culture is the shared values, attitudes and behaviours within a team that create an environment conducive to success. Great team culture leads to increased motivation, increased communication, better collaboration & higher levels of productivity.

Leaders play a key role in shaping team culture. 

Leaders can create a positive culture by setting the right tone & expectations, providing clear direction & support – fostering a sense of trust and respect. 

Team culture as the name suggests is a culture developed within a team. It requires a buy-in from everyone on the team, not just the leader. The team determines their way forward & shapes team culture; leaders remain an equal in the team.

Whilst the leader is an equal on the team, the values the leader displays tend to shape the behaviour & culture of a team. Leaders can shape team culture.

Leaders have a multitude of opportunities to shape team culture – they can use team meetings, team-building activities to bring teams closer together & connect.

Leaders can create an environment where team members feel valued, respected, and supported. 

They can ensure that feedback, rewards & recognition for hard work & excellent performance are part of everyday activities – acknowledging the behaviours everyone aspires to.

Leaders can secure that team members have access to the resources & tools they need to do their jobs as well as develop & grow within their roles. Laying the foundation for future as well as current success in a positive learning environment.

Leaders should focus on creating a culture of trust. They should be open & honest with team members, share information & decisions openly providing guidance & feedback without judgement.

Leaders can nurture an environment where team members openly communicate & collaborate together. An environment where team members can take risks, make mistakes, without feeling judged or embarrassed by their affirmative actions. 

Leaders can set clear expectations and goals for the team that provides guidance & direction for their teams. Even better is to build the expectations together & jointly set the way forward.

Creating a sense of shared purpose & direction among team members along the journey.

Leaders have the power to shape positive team culture. 

The benefits of a positive team culture are undeniable, Leaders Can Positively Shape Team Culture.

  • Team members attitude towards their work is positive
  • Contributions from everyone are valued by the team
  • The work environment becomes a positive & enjoyable place
  • You develop a successful team ethos & mindset
  • Everyone is engaged in achieving successful results
  • There are fewer conflicts & interruptions
  • Teams attract other successful people looking to join the positive culture
  • Everyone achieves more from a positive & encouraging team environment

Leaders focused on helping their team to create a positive culture, use a multi-faceted approach to achieve this versus relying on any one attribute. 

Leaders must maintain focus and stay in the moment. They must be versatile to sense the current team energy & adapt to the circumstance, adjusting along the way – introducing new ideas to maintain a positive team culture & successful workplace.

Most of all leaders must support their team in building a team culture that everyone wants to be a part of & openly promotes.

To positively shape team culture, leaders need to continuously consider, their behaviours consistent with group values, their communication & lead by example, be the cultural change they want to see.

Our Creating Edge performance & people skills as well as the shaping culture journey will help leaders in their cause to shape team culture. By selecting key areas of performance & productivity skills & working together with their team – leaders can make step changes in how the team operates – shaping team culture.

In between time, here are a few tips you can employ straight away.

25 Tips on how Leaders Can Positively Shape Team Culture.

1. Set clear expectations & communicate them regularly. 

2. Model the behaviours you want to see in your team. 

3. Reward & recognise team members for their contributions. 

4. Make sure team members are provided with the resources they need to succeed. 

5. Show appreciation for individual talents & strengths. 

6. Provide positive & constructive feedback. 

7. Demonstrate respect for all team members. 

8. Encourage team members to take ownership of their work. 

9. Encourage open & honest communication. 

10. Promote collaboration & team work. 

11. Encourage team members to take risks & learn from failure. 

12. Celebrate successes & recognise accomplishments. 

13. Create an environment of trust & mutual respect. 

14. Promote a growth mindset that encourages learning & development. 

15. Encourage team members to voice their opinions & ideas. 

16. Promote a sense of belonging & inclusion. 

17. Be flexible & open to new ideas. 

18. Foster a spirit of creativity & innovation. 

19. Listen to team members & address their concerns. 

20. Offer team members the opportunity to take on new challenges. 

21. Create a safe & supportive environment. 

22. Establish a sense of fun & camaraderie. 

23. Promote healthy competition. 

24. Acknowledge & celebrate differences. 

25. Actively seek out opportunities for team members to grow & develop.

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