Stop Email & Chats Wasting Your Time


Stop Email & Chats Wasting Your Time!

The increased use of collaborative tools, email & chat messaging is creating communication overload in many organisations:

  • The instant demand of replys & requests.
  • The time spent trying to manage it. 
  • The sheer quantity of it.
  • At times the lack of clarity in the message. 

Messaging is recognised as the Number 1 time waster for individuals & teams across organisations.

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits from messaging – it helps work be completed successfully & cuts across many difficulties of historic communication like geographies & time. 

There are however concerning behavioural patterns emerging from increased collaborative tool, email & chat use. To continue to use messaging platforms successfully you must take action to stop messaging wasting your time & make it work for you.

Change the way you use messaging – both professionally & personally.

Why is taking control of messaging so important & urgent?

Statistics & facts on messaging are heavily impacting the way we work.

It’s not a tomorrow challenge – its real today, impacting leaders & teams.

  • There are ~4 billion active email users, expected to climb to 4.5bn in 2024
  • Online business chat & collaboration platforms are the fastest growing sector of communication.
  • More than 2 billion users today & growing rapidly – it’s the new wave of message expansion.
  • Statistics are evolving; however we know their use is incresing time pressure, message number & instantaneous reply requests.
  • We are spending & wasting more time distracted on messages than ever before
  • Individuals are receiving up to 250+ messages a day 

The quantity is just part of the challenge – it’s the time taken to manage the quantity & the speed expected in response are increasing pressure.

What about your own messaging interactions & demand on your time? 

  • Individuals spend up to 30% or 2.5 hrs per day / 1.5 days per week of their working time on messages
  • Translate the 30% of time into 30% of salary costs to read & send messages & that’s a significant financial performance consideration?
  • 60% of messages are checked on mobile devices & we are increasing the level of distraction on smartphones.
  • 21% of messages are checked within their first hour of receival – collaborative tools are driving this higher
  • Messaging is the single most time-consuming activity in work life today alongside meetings

If not done properly messages are impacting performance.  

You can have a lot of resource tied up in non-productive activities. 

At Creating Edge, we certainly aren’t against collaborative tools, email & chats – far from it – we know how much they have contributed to collaboration & work completion. 

They can be used far more effectively & wisely than they are today. 

Leaders, Teams & Organisations can optimise messaging use vs being overloaded with it.

That is of course unless we do something about it! 

The statistics are astounding – if not managed properly, elements of collaboration tools, email & chat will continue wasting time & affecting performance at an individual & team level.

Signs that messages are impacting your performance. 

If you or your team members are doing any of the following?

  • Waiting for an urgent response from a message
  • Checking messages first thing in the morning before anything else
  • Getting stuck in your inboxes for hours on end during the day
  • Not carefully considering everyone you include in a message
  • Checking your inboxes constantly for new messages
  • Living in your collaboration tool inbox, responding quickly
  • Reading messages & answering questions on the spot
  • Spending more than two minutes on instant reply messages 
  • Sending messages that have heated responses
  • Excess sending messages vs considering what really needs to be sent
  • Have pop up notifications or red circle alerts to inform you of messages
  • Checking your message in the bedroom, prior to sleeping
  • Sending messages at all times of the day
  • Commonly reply all to everyone on the message

You are impacting performance & efficiency & you must address your messaging activities!

It is also more than likely that some of the behaviours are setting a precedent affecting those around you! 

Raise the bar in your performance & then shape messaging for those around you.

Or you can take a shortcut – where we have done the hard work for you!

We have researched extensively for the best available solutions to stop messaging, email & chats wasting your time. 

Quite honestly we all have no time to waste – so why waste it on messages, email & chats. 

Our online Email & Chat course is full of opportunities to address the messaging challenge has been written with the message writer in mind :

  • Concise yet comprehensive solutions
  • 10 modules full of 330+ tips & actions
  • Immediate Quick Fixes to adopt
  • Get started for as little as 10 minutes per day

Don’t delay get started today.

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