First 10 Free Email & Chat Tips – To Get You Started

First 10 Free Email & Chat Tips to Get You Started!

Email & Chats are recognised as the Number 1 time consumer for individuals & teams.

Clearly there are a lot of benefits from messaging – it helps work be completed successfully & technology platforms have massively increased productivity – or have they?

Emerging patterns of increased messaging from collaboration tools, emails & chats & the challenges surrounding them are overwhelming & should be concerning. 

Why is taking control of email & chats so important?

There are clear signs email & chats are impacting your performance at an individual & team level. 

  • Waiting for an urgent responses
  • Checking messages first thing in the morning
  • Getting stuck in your inbox
  • Not considering everyone you send the message too
  • Checking your inbox frequently
  • Reading & answering messages instantly
  • Spending more than two minutes instantly replying 
  • Sending messages loaded with emotion
  • Excess sending of messages
  • Excess notifications
  • Checking message in the bedroom or bathroom
  • Sending messages at all times of the day
  • Commonly replying all 

All activities are contributing to time wasting & are in fact wasting your time messaging – but you can make a change!

We want you to get started straight away!

While our extensive email & chat course has over 330+ actions you can implement – we will give you the first 10+ free – to get you started straight away!

Download the first 10 tips for the Email & Chats course for free & focus on:

  • Your messaging account purpose
  • Your subscriptions
  • Your Notifications
  • Implementing the OHIO method
  • Choosing who you respond to
  • Taking urgency out of messaging
  • Your 5-line messaging strategy
  • Frequency of message checking
  • Scheduling when you send & receive messages
  • Not pressing send to early

And that’s just the start with over 330+ others to choose form in the email & chats course.

There’s no need to delay – you can get started right away

Just follow the link below – no email address needed – just download for free & get started.


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