How good are you at managing messages? Check for Free!!

How good are you at managing messages? Check for Free!


In today’s fast-paced world, it is important to ensure that we are laser focused on skillsets that make a difference.

We all know messages, emails & chats take up an inordinate amount of time & many struggle with controlling them. Instead of being a chore you can laser focus on important skillsets within messaging to enhance your performance.

As our No. 1 time consumer, what we do with messaging is as important as any other activity we conduct in our daily operations.

For many organisations, providing an efficient environment where leaders & employees can perform is their highest priority. This means that messaging, emails & chats must be high on their priority list!

Research shows that individuals spend as much as 30% of their working time on messages (sometimes more) which in sheer $ terms is 30% of the salary costs.

Let’s face it – that’s a huge investment or cost in messaging – whichever way you want to look at it.

Leaders have to ask themselves the question!

Am I using messages efficiently?

Am I wasting excessive time messaging, chatting & on emails?

Can I do messaging much more efficiently?

Can I influence the team to message more efficiently?

Creating Edge established a free skill assessment to help!

A skill assessment where prior to focusing on learning helps leaders to identify the skill gaps they need to focus on, if all.

10 common messaging challenges that impact leaders performance are rated to provide a guide on how well you manages today.

You can easily follow the skill assessment process:

  1. Take the skill assessment to provide insight on your messaging performance.
  2. Answer each question on a scale of 1-5, 1= strongly agree & 5 = strongly disagree.
  3. Add up your score in a range from 0 to 50.
  4. The score helps you identify how strong you are at managing messaging.
  5. It is a free tool you can use with no obligation

In our Email & Chat skill assessment we focus on 10 common areas that generally need addressing on all messaging platforms

  1. Your alertness to when messages arrive.
  2. How you manage your messages when they arrive?
  3. Your separation between professional & private messaging across all your messaging accounts.
  4. How you manage excess email & chats arriving in your inbox?
  5. How you behave with urgent communications in messaging.
  6. Your level of selectivity you use when replying & messaging others
  7. The length, structure & style of messages you compose
  8. The process you when sending & replying & how that impacts readers
  9. Your behaviours when checking messages during your daily activities.
  10. How you manage your time when checking & writing messages.

The free skill assessment let you know specifically how well you manage messaging against these 10 criteria – it is completely obligation free & a perfect opportunity to see your current level of success.

Download the free tool & assess your level of opportunity.

A few supporting reasons to undertake the free email & chat skill assessment.

  1. Identifies any gaps that may need addressing.
  2. Helps you to understand if there is a need to look at learning on email & chats.
  3. Ensures you don’t waste time on material you already know.
  4. Provides a benchmark for assessing progress.
  5. Gives you an insight into your potential No.1 time waster

Find the free skill assessments here: www.creatingedge.net/free-tools

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