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Maintaining Your Focus vs A Constant Barrage of Distractions


Maintaining Your Focus vs A Constant Barrage of Distractions!


Maintaining focus in the face of distractions can be a very difficult task.

There is so much information & constant attempts to capture your attention, especially in today’s world of ever-present technology.

With so many distractions vying for our attention, it’s no wonder that everyone finds it difficult to stay focused – it is a real & serious challenge.

So much of a challenge that here at Creating Edge we devoted a whole course to it!!


There are some simple strategies that you can adopt to help you stay on track.

  1. Set Clear Goals – Identify what you’re trying to achieve and break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Having a clear vision of your goal will help you stay focused, motivated & less prone to distractions.
  2. Limit Your Access to Distractions – Turn off notifications on your phone, turn it off even, close unnecessary tabs on your computer & close your laptops or screen save your screen. If your surroundings cause distractions – move!
  3. Take Breaks – Give yourself a few minutes to rest & reset before returning to your work. During your break, you can get up and move around, stretch, or do something else that will help you refocus when you come back – don’t go to technology!
  4. Prioritize Tasks – Work on the most important & urgent tasks first. This will help you stay focused & ensure that you don’t get distracted by less important tasks.
  5. Stay Organized – Ensure all of your tasks, projects are organized & that you have a system in place to track your progress.

Staying focused and avoiding distractions can be a difficult task – we 100% understand. These 5 strategies can help you stay focused to get things done. Equally we have 300+ tips & actions you can adopt directly in our smartphone course – you can access here! Creating Edge Distractions Course

Before you get started here are some more tips to consider!

 15 more tips to maintain focus vs distractions

  1. Create a productive workspace.
  2. Eliminate clutter from your workspace.
  3. Turn off notifications on your phone and computer.
  4. Exercise regularly.
  5. Practice mindfulness and meditation.
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Listen to music that helps you focus.
  8. Get enough sleep.
  9. Choose the right time of day for you to work.
  10. Learn how to say “no”.
  11. Take short “power naps”.
  12. Avoid multitasking.
  13. Set Timers.
  14. Get rid of distractions like social media.
  15. Take time to reflect on how you’re doing.

Don’t delay – get started today!

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