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120+ Actions & 230+ Tips to Kill Distractions

120+ Actions & 230+ Tips to Kill Distractions


So many people struggle with distractions, they come from 360 degrees & unless you put in place strategies to manage them, distractions can severely impact your daily life.


Distractions add enormous pressure, waste your time & stop you from doing what you should be focused on. The Creating Edge Distractions Course directly helps you identify distractions & put strategies in place to avoid them.


The course significantly enhances your opportunity to lead a distraction free life.


80% of staff say they need help to block out distractions – whether in the office or working remotely, distractions remain the greatest issue.


Research has shown that as much as a 3 second distraction doubles the risk in your chance of error.


By deleting distractions & freeing up your focus time:

  1. You will get more done.
  2. You can be more creative.
  3. You will learn more.
  4. You will have less stress in your lives.


It is estimated a single distraction can take 23 minutes to recover from & be back to productive work.


A single distraction can see you switch to at least 2 other activities before you return to the key area of focus.


Distractions are potentially a trillion-dollar issue.


Studies in recent years have estimated anywhere between $588 – $997 billion dollars a year, in the US alone is lost from staff hours wasted with distractions.


The same surveys indicate staff on average lost 759 hours or 31 days in productivity from distractions.


Distractions issues come from a host of sources – messages, pop-ups, interruptions, office gossip, smartphones, technology, external noise with interruptions occurring at least every 11 minutes!


50% of staff still respond to messages as soon as they arrive – ensure your leadership style is not contributing to this!


That’s a real issue for leaders.


It isn’t how we want our team to spend their time?


Imagine what else you & your team could be achieving by eliminating distractions.

Leadership starts with you! As a leader, your own actions & resulting influence on the team is the starting point for change.


At Creating Edge, we will help you Delete Distractions, your number one silent time killer!


We have researched the most up to date published work on how to manage, even delete distractions.


We explore leading business sources like Forbes, The Economist, leading targeted print publications, online leadership websites, blogs, noted authors & varied websites sources focusing on the best strategies & actions to delete distractions.


We focus on the breadth of actions you can take, easy to implement solutions to delete distractions.

Investigate our Distractions Course.

6 modules packed with solutions for to lead a distraction free life.

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