Hybrid teams

How Leaders Can Manage Hybrid Teams Better!


In our modern age, leaders of all organisations – small to large, must cope with relying on & leading hybrid teams.


Increasingly teams of people work in different locations either as remote workers, culturally & country diverse teams or even working from home vs the office.


Hybrid teams can be extremely beneficial to an organization – for focus & performance or for encouraging a diverse range of views into the team.


They do however come with their own unique set of challenges, primarily the inability to physically meet & relying on techniques to expand virtual teamwork. Key suggestions to manage your hybrid team better.


  1. Clearly define roles & responsibilities across the team.

Ensure clarity across the team where everyone is aware of their tasks & accountabilities.


  1. Provide a clear vision.

Critically provide a clear vision for everyone to follow – for greater ownership, build the vision together as a team & increase team focus on the vision. Communicate with one voice to thew whole team aligned to the vision. Ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal & that everyone is on the same page with focused delivery. A great opportunity to galvanise the team & overcome the tyranny of distance.


  1. Foster collaboration across the team.

Hybrid teams must work together to be successful. Leaders should foster collaboration between team members by providing platforms like the Creating Edge’s Shaping Culture that allows for easy communication, collaboration & working towards a common goal.


  1. Provide the Technology.

This could include video conferencing, shared workspaces, collaborative technologies & instant messaging. Don’t hold back on technology – the small investment here pays off significantly with teams collaborating effectively.


  1. Encourage open communication.

Leaders should ensure regular meetings where team members can openly discuss progress, brainstorm ideas & collaborate on positive work elements together. Open communication is essential for hybrid teams to be able to work together effectively.


  1. Convey honesty & transparency.

Create an environment where team members feel comfortable expressing their ideas & opinions without fear of judgement or criticism. Leaders should also make sure to provide a platform where team members can ask questions & provide honest feedback. This will help to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and that any potential issues are addressed quickly.


  1. Provide regular feedback to the whole team.

It can be difficult to provide feedback when working with a hybrid team, as some team members may not be present. Make sure you provide regular feedback to each team member, both in person & remotely. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page & that any potential issues are addressed quickly.


  1. Recognise & reward all team members.

Ensure all team members of hybrid teams are openly & positively recognised for their efforts in the broader team environment. Often it is easier to acknowledge those closer to you, adopt a timely recognition approach for team & individual efforts independent of their geographic location.


Hybrid teams can be extremely beneficial for an organization & are a fact of modern working life. Your positive direction to make hybrid teams work effectively is a significant starting point for success. Explore proven positive methods to bring your team together.


Double down on creating a team that can overcome any hurdle by considering the Creating Edge ‘Shaping Culture Journey’ focused on team transformation.


A brilliant tool to engage & galvanise hybrid teams for a common purpose.

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