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Why Exemplary People Skills Are A MUST For Leaders

People Skills

Why Exemplary People Skills Are a MUST for Leaders


Leaders shape success & culture in any team or organisation.

When leading teams, large & small, exemplary people leadership skills are essential for success & positive team culture. Without strong people skills, a leader will struggle to effectively manage their team, motivate them & jointly shape a direction the whole team can own.


People skills are critical area of leadership expertise that must be develop & be constantly enhanced for leaders to effectively succeed with their team.


People skills help leaders create an environment of trust & respect.  When team members feel respected & valued, they’re more likely to be motivated & productive. Leading to higher quality work, increased innovation & higher level of employee engagement within the team.


Leaders create an environment that team members want to be part of & outside witnesses want to join.


Leaders with strong people leadership skills more effectively resolve conflicts, manage difficult conversations & foster a collaborative workplace.


Teams thrive on inspiring direction.

The ability to provide clear direction, set expectations, provide feedback, recognise & reward good performance are key ingredients to people leaders & critical elements of any team transformation.


Leaders with strong people leadership can effectively delegate tasks & release teams to get on with the task at hand. They allow team members to focus on their strengths & use them in a team environment, a journey aiming for group success.


Strong people skills in leaders allows them to build strong relationships & foster a culture of collaboration & teamwork across the organisation. Team members who feel like they’re part of a cohesive team are more likely to work together to achieve common goals & be active members in a shaping culture journey.


To be able to successfully shape team culture & transform your team in Creating Edge’s ‘Shaping Culture Journey’ we specifically focus on people leadership skills that are identified to support specific leaders & teams on their journey.


Place people skills with your team as your highest priority.


Some of the People Skills a Shaping Culture Journey will focus on:

  1. Empathy & understanding the needs of others.
  2. Excellent communication skills tailored to message need.
  3. An ability to motivate & inspire others via communication & action.
  4. Clear instructions & constructive feedback on performance.
  5. Open-mindedness & willingness to listen to others.
  6. Strong sense of responsibility & accountability.
  7. Diplomacy & sensitivity to the feelings of others.
  8. Strong relationship builders with team members.
  9. Patient & tolerant when dealing with others.
  10. Recognise potential & take steps to nurture/develop it.
  11. Give praise & recognition when it is deserved.
  12. Create an environment of trust, respect & collaboration.
  13. Good listeners & genuinely care about what others have to say.
  14. Ability to build consensus & unity.
  15. Be approachable & friendly, fostering an environment of openness & honesty.

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