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How Leaders Positively Shape Team Culture Working With The Team


How Leaders Positively Shape Team Culture Working With The Team, Not By Telling Them.

A team’s culture comes from the shared values, attitudes & behaviours within the team, that create an environment that is conducive to success.

When leaders engage & equally contribute as a team member they can positively shape team culture for greater team benefit.

A great team culture leads to increased motivation, increased communication, better collaboration & higher levels of productivity within teams.

Leaders choosing to tell teams what the culture of the organisation should be vs working directly with the team to shape team culture have a limited to almost zero chance of success.

Culture is built on shared values, attitudes & behaviours not top down direction.

Leaders can positively shaping team culture when they engage as part of the team. 

Leaders can create a positive culture by collectively generating the right tone /expectations & being part of establishing a clear direction within the team.

Team culture as the name suggests is a culture developed within a team – the team determines their way forward & shapes team culture. It requires buy-in from everyone on the team to be created & be successful, this includes the leader.

Leaders just providing direction with limited team involvement create almost no ownership in the direction & outcome.

Active leaders are an equal in the team & play a role in shaping team culture from within.

The values the team adopts will shape the behaviour & culture of a team. Successful leaders help shape the values & displays them as part of the team.

It’s imperative the leader supports the team on their journey vs tell them what the journey looks like. As an active team member the leader helps shape the journey as part of the team.

Leaders have a multitude of opportunities to shape team culture as part of the team journey.

  1. As a team participant they can actively share their preferred direction as the team decides.
  2. They can use team meetings to drive outcomes aligned to the team direction.
  3. Develop team-building activities to bring teams closer together & connect.
  4. Provide the support mechanisms & resources needed to help the team shape culture.
  5. Be open, honest & transparent in all communications to increase trust within teams.
  6. Create two-way communication platforms to provide updates & feedback loops.

Leaders can create an environment where team members feel valued, respected & supported to underpin team culture. 

Recognising the team for their excellent performance & alignment to the team culture being created. Share you can see a difference & progress as it happens, supporting the team to continue.

Leaders can nurture a positive environment where team members collaborate together & can take risks, make mistakes, without feeling judged or embarrassed by their affirmative actions by keeping calm & encouraging. 

Not acknowledging effort or picking on mistakes has a negative impact on culture.

Leaders should join forces with the team to build a vision, mission & purpose together, taking team ownership to the next level.

Leaders can have clear expectations & goals for the team that provides guidance & direction for their teams. Even better is to build the expectations together & jointly set the way forward.

Creating a sense of shared purpose & direction among team members along the journey.

Leaders can secure that team members have access to the resources & tools they need to do their jobs as well as develop & grow within their roles.

Laying the foundation for future as well as current success in a positive learning environment.

There are so many opportunities for leaders to be part of the team & shape team culture to list here in their entirety – our Shaping Culture Journey provides the platform.

Leaders have the opportunity to shape positive team culture with their team using a Creating Edge customised Shaping Culture Journey. 

Our tailored journey support teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to successfully shape team culture & raise team performance. Engaging leaders & teams as one. Reach out for more information here.

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