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Dispersed Teams Need Galvanising Solutions for a Thriving Culture

Dispersed & remote teams need galvanising solutions for a thriving team culture

Dispersed Teams Need Galvanising Solutions for a Thriving Culture


A modern workforce generally sees more dispersed teams through hybrid or remote work arrangements.

Equally as organisations expand, teams can geographically spread, requiring new leadership strategies to galvanise teams together.

Team that are spread provide a unique set of challenges when seeking to create a thriving team culture that unifies team spirit & creates focus for success.

With a restricted ability to physically meet & increasingly relying on technology & communications to galvanise teams together, we look at options on how you can successfully create a thriving culture for your team.


Our Creating Edge Shaping Culture Journey has proven to successfully support dispersed teams over many years & geographies.


Here we focus on 8 key elements that support dispersed teams in creating a thriving culture.

1. Have a unified clear team vision.

Teams that thrive have a clear pathway & vision in which they are all striving for. It however, be owned by the full team! For greater ownership, build the vision together as a team – use technology & facilitation remotely if needed.  Increase the team focus on the vision & have the team collaboratively working toward a common goal. With everyone included & on the same page with focused delivery the team sets the foundation for a thriving culture.


2. All team members need clearly defined roles & responsibilities.

With the team agreed on a shared vision & focus for the future all team members need clarity on their role to bring it to life. Ensure clarity with clear tasks & accountabilities for all team members. Everyone is uniquely aware of their role in realising the team vision & success.


3. Make teamwork & collaboration a central focus.

All teams must work together to be successful – in a remote & dispersed situation the need is amplified to overcome distance boundaries. By fostering collaboration & teamwork & consistently emphasising its need you increase the focus on working together.  One significant element of our Shaping Culture Journey is the ability for smaller teams to work on focus areas that transform a vision is workable reality within the team. Focus areas where communication, collaboration & working towards a common goal are fundamental for success. Continue to reinforce it at all times.


4. Ensure technology supports team collaboration.

This could include video conferencing, shared workspaces, collaborative technologies & instant messaging. Technology allows remote & dispersed team members to actively contribute as part of the team & actively be shape team success. Don’t hold back on technology – the small investment here pays off significantly with teams collaborating effectively. A major contributor to a thriving culture.


5. Open communication is a must.

You cannot afford to have uninformed team members. Regular & necessary meetings where team members can openly discuss progress, brainstorm ideas & collaborate on positive work elements bring the team closer together. Open communication provides the platform for more remote & distanced team members to actively contribute as part of the team. A Shaping Culture Journey has communication as a cornerstone element of team success.


6. Convey honesty & transparency top down & across teams.

Create a safe environment where team members feel comfortable expressing their ideas & opinions without fear of judgement or criticism. Amongst their team & when engaging others honesty must be a core value. Within the journey provide the platform where team members can openly ask questions & provide honest feedback upwards & across teams. Ensure everyone’s voices are heard, potential issues are addressed quickly & equally changes can be made rapidly if needed.


7. Consistently provide feedback to the team.

When some team members are not physically present, thee feedback loop can break down. Humans naturally like to know how they are progressing & the views of others on their progress.  Provide regular feedback to each team member, in person or via technology. Let everyone know how you feel about the progress being made & always positively acknowledge progress. Seek to adopt a 75% positive feedback approach to not over emphasise any difficult messages. Keep things upbeat & aligned to the overall vision.


8. Recognise the efforts of the whole team as well as individuals.

Ensure all team members are openly & publicly recognised for their efforts.  Acknowledge individuals & teams so everyone can hear of positive progress being made. Often it is easier to acknowledge those geographically closer to you, so consciously ensure you share the positive recognition beyond your closest team members. Adopt a timely recognition approach for team & individual efforts independent of their geographic location.


Just some of the positive tips from a Shaping Culture Journey that support a thriving culture in dispersed teams. Our tailored journey supports teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to harness their uniqueness & create a thriving culture. Provide your team with their platform for success. Reach out for more information here.

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