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How to Support Technical Leaders in Team Culture & Transformation

Technical leaders promoted on the back of technical capability

How to Support Technical Leaders in Team Culture & Transformation


Leaders from technical backgrounds can find it difficult to lead teams when promoted to more senior positions.

Many technical leaders have been in the same organisation for long periods of time & promoted on the back of length of service or tenure as the next logical leader choice.

With limited leadership training or exposure to different leadership styles within the same organisation it can be confronting on how to support team transformation in their new leadership role.

Whilst super competent on the technical elements of the role, they can find the new team leadership & transformation much more challenging.


A common issue for technical leaders addressed with a Shaping Culture Journey.


Technical leaders usually excel in problem solving, but may lack the people & team skills needed to lead & motivate people to actually solve the problem or create a new pathway forward.

They could be focusing too much on the technical aspects of their job, where they are naturally more comfortable & not enough on leading their team in transformation.

The Shaping Culture Journey supports technical leaders to create a team platform for success by breaking down personal barriers, working closer with the team to establish a transformative pathway forward.


A framework where technical leaders can work directly with their team to establish jointly owned values, a purpose & vision for the team that all stakeholders can own.


It moves beyond the technical elements of a role & provides the vehicle to increase personal relationships with team members increasing leaders understanding in the needs of individuals & their drivers.

Where technical leaders can deepen their engagement with their team, shaping team culture.

Technical leaders may not fully understand the importance of communication & the frequency required to engage with their team effectively – we overcome that within the Shaping Culture Journey.


Communication is essential for a successful team, and without it, the team will be unable to effectively collaborate & work together.


The leaders role in communication becomes an integral part of team success within the journey – a platform to demonstrate leadership via communication.

Technical leaders, at times, may lack the confidence to lead or reason to communicate more frequently.

They may feel intimidated by their new found leadership role, some of their team members, or may not feel comfortable leading the team through transformation.

Sometimes they may not have the unified direction of which to lead teams with & require an anchor for the whole team.


The Shaping Culture Journey brings a whole team together with their leader to own & pursue common goals & make a significant difference in team transformation.


Our focus at Creating Edge is to support the leader & team relationship in developing common pathways to success while significantly enhancing people skills across the whole team.


Technical leaders are experts in their respective fields & should focus on developing the necessary skills to lead people effectively – the Shaping Culture Journey accelerates this pathway.


Customised to your teams needs, our tailored journey supports teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to harness their uniqueness & overcome any barriers. Technical leaders & their teams with find our journey platform the perfect vehicle for success. Reach out for more information here.

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