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Transform Your Leadership Instantly By Making These Small Changes

Instant changes you can make to your leadership

Transform Your Leadership Instantly By Making These Small Changes

Your leadership performance is critical to yours & your team’s success.

Rather than assume you are maximising your leadership potential – ensure you have the most transformative steps in place to make a massive instant difference.

1. Have a Clear Vision with the Team

Aligning yourself & your team to one unified direction for full team success in the cornerstone to making an instant difference.

With everyone aligned to a singular vision you are almost unstoppable.

2. Set Clear Goals Aligned To The Team Vision

Not just for yourself but for your full team.

It’s critical that your & the team’s daily priorities are focused on achieving the bigger picture, the vision.

If you are all conducting & completing activities that are not aligned to where you want to be – then you are wasting time getting there.

Fully align everyone’s activities & delete non vision-value adding ones.

3. Communicate a consistent message everywhere!

Communication is essential & must be a 100% consistent two street of messaging & feedback.

Communication must be aligned to the vision, outline progress, positive steps, opportunities for improvement & recognise team efforts.

Provide the platform of feedback for everyone – value all opinions – let everyone be heard.

Always seek regular feedback, actively listen to each view, ask questions & have demonstrated steps for action.

4. Focus on Honesty & Transparency with Empathy

Build your team trust & respect by fostering an environment of open, honest discussions & communication.

The success of a team is largely dependent on trust – its starts with you the leader.

Be a leader that demonstrates that they 100% care about team success & individuals.

Make empathy a core leadership skill – listen to, understand & support all team members.

Ensure each team member feels understood, heard & is considered valuable.

5. Encourage Collaboration & Teamwork

Always seek to increase team interaction & success.

Seek input from your team & work together to establish solutions to any obstacles in teamwork & collaboration.

Foster a sense of unity aligned to the vision to create a more collaborative team environment.

6. Lead by Example

Always set the example for your team.

Aligned to the vision in your priorities & actions stay organized, be consistent across the team & maintaining a positive attitude toward team success.

Demonstrate that you’re serious about the team outcome to help them be more motivated.

Develop a team culture of accountability and responsibility by starting with yourself & leadership.

Take time to step back & reflect on your leadership performance & how you are leading by example.

7. Embrace change and be open to new ideas

Take initiative to lead & make decisions aligned to the vision.

Foster a culture of innovation & creativity across the team.

Utilize technology to improve team performance – invest in the team’s creative opportunities.

Inspire all team members to strive for alternative approaches that are aligned to the vision.

Be flexible & adaptable to changing circumstances – embrace the opportunity.

8. Encourage & recognise the accomplishments of your team.

Celebrate team successes & turn learnings into future opportunities.

Always acknowledge your team members publicly & privately.

Thank them for their excellent contribution & surprise them with an unexpected reward.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to transform your leadership performance almost instantly.

Stay focused & remain committed to improving yourself & the team in alignment with your vision.

A Shaping Culture Journey provides leaders the opportunity to rapidly transform their leadership & team progress.

A tailored journey can support teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to instantly make change. Provide your team with their platform for success.

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