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Profit Increases Require Breakthroughs In Customer Experience

Breakthroughs in Customer Experience

Profit Increases Require Breakthroughs In Customer Experience


The customer experience opportunity continues to evolve, but if you don’t evolve with it, you will miss profitable growth opportunities.

Customer service has changed considerably from the way it use to be. It‘s no longer about taking orders & tending to customers, it‘s about listening and supporting their needs.

For many small & medium sized businesses the customer experience (inc customer service) is their  greatest potential differentiator to increase profitability.

1. Understand your key target customers inside-out

Understanding what your customers want & where they get their information from.

How do they purchase. What information do they need to effect their purchase.

Any buying patterns that are time & date related?

2. Support your team as customers number one touchpoint

Have knowledgeable & customercentric people in place to ensure that your customer experience is positive and consistent.

When customers feel actively supported & enjoy their experience, they are more likely to return.

Train, train & train your team in all facets of customer touch points from online to in-store customer service.

Training should focus on topics such as empathy, active listening, problemsolving skills & customer advocacy.

Increase knowledge on core products or services that you offer & have subject matter experts for referral.

Utilise software & technology to automate processes / tasks, so you can provide quick solutions & allow your team to focus on the customer.

3. Align the customer experience in your vision

Develop a system for creating personalised experiences for each client as part of reaching your objective.

Set clear customer engagement objectives that drive the team positively.

Have your team & customers as the centre of your visionary success.

Apply consistency in customer interaction at every potential touchpoint in the team.

4. Create a positive customer focused environment

Create a positive work environment for your team to boost employee morale & instil confidence in their customer interaction.

Invest in your team as much your customer – your team directly knows that you support their efforts to be customer focused.

Reward excellence you see int he customer experience with your team – make it stand alone recognition.

5. Provide numerous customer feedback opportunities

To excel as the customers No1 touchpoint collect & share feedback on a regular basis.

Feedback helps the team members to constantly improve & reinforce their strengths.

It provides customers an avenue to share with you exactly what it is they need.

Investing in your team members and providing them with the resources that they need to succeed is a key element to delivering a successful customer experience.

Develop a plan for dealing with customer complaints in a respectful manner.

6. Establish a knockout online presence

One that clients can engage with easily & is outstanding vs competitive offers.

Make yourself available to clients both online & in person.

Ensure your online product service & delivery matches your in-store professionalism.

Establish several communication touch points online & via mailing lists to expand customer reach. 

Stay on top of trends and best practices in customer service, so your team can provide the ultimate customer experience.


All options when applied with focus with your team will deliver an improved profit performance & increase your customer experience profile & return business.

A Shaping Culture Journey provides leaders & teams the opportunity to focus singularly on the customer experience. A tailored journey that can support teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to drive customer focus & profitable outcomes.

Provide your team with their platform for success.

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