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How Bad Are Messages Overloading Your Team?

How Bad are Messages Overloading Your Team? Messaging overload is a massive issue in teams today!! All signs suggest that it’s going intensify more if organisations don’t make serious changes. Individuals receive up to 250 messages…
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How To Avoid Junk & Spam Messages?

How To Avoid Junk & Spam Messages? Spam messages, sometimes referred to as junk email are unsolicited & unwelcome messages that are sent en masse to a broad email list for marketing purposes. Spam messages can be damaging, although…
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Do Quick Fixes Really Work? How Can I Get One?

DO QUICK FIXES REALLY WORK? HOW CAN I GET ONE? In today's fast-paced business world, leaders are faced with a multitude of challenges and are under constant pressure to deliver results. The constant demands on their time and the pressure…
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Unsubscribe, Mute, Block – What Did I Miss?

Unsubscribe, Mute, Block – What Did I Miss? We spending far too much time on messages, email & chats & it is affecting performance which is supported by the data below. Individuals can spend up to 30% or 2.5 hrs per day of their…

First 10 Free Email & Chat Tips – To Get You Started

First 10 Free Email & Chat Tips to Get You Started! Email & Chats are recognised as the Number 1 time consumer for individuals & teams. Clearly there are a lot of benefits from messaging – it helps work be completed successfully…

How good are you at managing messages? Check for Free!!

How good are you at managing messages? Check for Free!   In today’s fast-paced world, it is important to ensure that we are laser focused on skillsets that make a difference. We all know messages, emails & chats take up an inordinate…
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Eliminate PopUp’s – You Don’t Need Them

Eliminate PopUp's - You Don't Need Them!! A popup in the context of messaging is used as an alert to inform people they have a new message.   Collaborative tools, email & chat mechanisms use popups as strategies to ensure their messages…

Stop Email & Chats Wasting Your Time

Stop Email & Chats Wasting Your Time! The increased use of collaborative tools, email & chat messaging is creating communication overload in many organisations: The instant demand of replys & requests. The time spent trying…
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Do These 9 Messaging Time Killers Sound Familiar?

In a world heavily shaped by our messaging activities on collaborative technologies, emails & chats, many have adopted behaviours that are killing our time - do any of these 9 message time killers sound familiar? Time is OK, if you have…