Team Culture Transformation
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Why Leaders Must Change the Culture on Time!

Why leaders must change the culture on time!   Leaders in all organisations, both large and small, seeking to improve team performance must focus on elements of time leadership & optimising time.   Shape the team culture…
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How Bad Are Messages Overloading Your Team?

How Bad are Messages Overloading Your Team? Messaging overload is a massive issue in teams today!! All signs suggest that it’s going intensify more if organisations don’t make serious changes. Individuals receive up to 250 messages…
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How To Avoid Junk & Spam Messages?

How To Avoid Junk & Spam Messages? Spam messages, sometimes referred to as junk email are unsolicited & unwelcome messages that are sent en masse to a broad email list for marketing purposes. Spam messages can be damaging, although…
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Do Quick Fixes Really Work? How Can I Get One?

DO QUICK FIXES REALLY WORK? HOW CAN I GET ONE? In today's fast-paced business world, leaders are faced with a multitude of challenges and are under constant pressure to deliver results. The constant demands on their time and the pressure…
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Unsubscribe, Mute, Block – What Did I Miss?

Unsubscribe, Mute, Block – What Did I Miss? We spending far too much time on messages, email & chats & it is affecting performance which is supported by the data below. Individuals can spend up to 30% or 2.5 hrs per day of their…

First 10 Free Email & Chat Tips – To Get You Started

First 10 Free Email & Chat Tips to Get You Started! Email & Chats are recognised as the Number 1 time consumer for individuals & teams. Clearly there are a lot of benefits from messaging – it helps work be completed successfully…

How good are you at managing messages? Check for Free!!

How good are you at managing messages? Check for Free!   In today’s fast-paced world, it is important to ensure that we are laser focused on skillsets that make a difference. We all know messages, emails & chats take up an inordinate…
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Eliminate PopUp’s – You Don’t Need Them

Eliminate PopUp's - You Don't Need Them!! A popup in the context of messaging is used as an alert to inform people they have a new message.   Collaborative tools, email & chat mechanisms use popups as strategies to ensure their messages…

Stop Email & Chats Wasting Your Time

Stop Email & Chats Wasting Your Time! The increased use of collaborative tools, email & chat messaging is creating communication overload in many organisations: The instant demand of replys & requests. The time spent trying…
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Do These 9 Messaging Time Killers Sound Familiar?

In a world heavily shaped by our messaging activities on collaborative technologies, emails & chats, many have adopted behaviours that are killing our time - do any of these 9 message time killers sound familiar? Time is OK, if you have…