Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Creating Edge & our Skill Courses.


It’s really up to you. Generally a SCJ is established to transform your team to a specific need that you have.

As we customise the approach, we customise the timing to fit in to your needs.

We can accelerate the Shaping Culture Journey or complete it at a more leisurely pace depending on your needs.

Of course, you can invest as much time as you want to in the course.

Greatest success will come from a sustained effort over time.

However, we understand the time pressures many leaders face, so we have made the course as easy as possible to implement.

  1. Go straight to the Quick Fixes (highlighted in orange in the Table of Contents & Module Summary)
  2. Choose one Quick Fix to implement each day
  3. Or you can select any  of the comprehensive set of actions & implement one a day.
  4. Allocate ~10 minutes to implement.
  5. The key is just to get started. If you commit to as little as 10 minutes per day to increase your skills – you will make a difference.

The course will of course take longer to complete in its entirety but a short 10-minute investment from yourself every day & you will start to see a real difference.

As leaders ourselves, we understand the time pressure everyone faces!

It’s why we made our skill courses as easy to use as possible.

We have hand selected the tips & actions that will have the greatest impact on your success.

They are called Quick Fixes.

Your very own 80/20 rule for each module & each course.

Those activities you can implement straight away to make maximum impact from minimal effort!

They are clearly highlighted in Orange in every module.

Look for them in the table of contents!

Why delay?

You can get started for as little as 10 minutes per day!


The process generally remains the same, however we tailor the content within the process to be specific to your need. Some of this is more prevalent after data research with your team. We dow however always tailor the content to fit to each leader & teams specific need.

No, it is completely your choice how much you want to focus on the full suite of solutions for each course.

We recognise the time pressure leaders face, so we have made it as easy as possible.

You can adopt the Quick Fixes or the Full Suite of Solutions – both will provide instant success.

Quick Fixes – Solutions that provide maximum impact with minimal effort – think of the 80/20 rule applied to each skill.

Full Suite – When fully implemented the Tips, Actions & Strategies will deliver the maximum gain possible across each skill.

We have capture every possible option to make a step change.

It is totally your choice how comprehensive you want to be in addressing each skill!

All solutions have been heavily researched anywhere up to 100 references for each skill.

Containing all the latest information on how to address each performance & people skill for instant success. 

We have applied a practicality test based on personal leadership experience to ensure that it will significantly help leaders.

We have designed the solutions so leaders can complete themselves individually or with groups / teams to broaden their success.

Our courses are the highest value, high impact courses available.

Our 100% money back guarantee provides you with full security.

If none of the Quick Fixes, Actions, Tips or Strategies have worked for you in the first 30 days – we will give your money back!

Our extensive research has covered may articles & papers written by research scientists & summaries of their work across many different communication platforms.

We adopt three clear rules when providing Creating Edge skill solutions:

  1. Is the solution from scientific research conducted anywhere in the world
  2. Is the solution practical to be used in today’s environment by leaders & teams
  3. Has it been produced in the past 6 years

Some solutions are practical common sense that don’t need research to justify their suitability, however where scientific research is available & delivers skill success – it has been applied & referenced in the references for each skill course.

Annually, we conduct a full precis of information available in the past 12 months for each skill course.

Additionally, we have a feedback facility at Creating Edge, so any course user can suggest additions to the course material.

If we find additional solutions that will increase the opportunity for leaders, we include it in the course.

Once we discover new information, we will update existing purchasers of the course to provide them with the latest.

Highlighting new material of significance to existing Creating Edge course users so they can add the upgrade.

It is 100% our intention to keep the courses fresh & relevant amongst technology changes & disruptions. Our focus is to always give you the best solutions to make leaders stronger & sharper.

Clients who purchase & download the courses will always be the first to know new opportunities.

It’s easier.

It is comprehensive, packed full of solutions – yet super quick to implement with Quick Fixes, Bite Sized Modules & targeted actions to implement.

Our extensive research means we have left nothing to chance in relation to compiling the greatest set of solutions for you to access.

Courses generally have over 300 different options you can apply to enhance your own performance or people skill leadership.

Where else can you access that level of possibility!!

You can get started personally or together with your team.

YES, a lot more!

What you see now is just the start!

We have been developing courses over the past 12 months for launch right throughout 2023.

We didn’t want to wait any longer to bring the first ones to leaders!!

Existing clients will always be the 1st to know of new courses & will have the ability to purchase them at heavily reduced rates to continue their skill expansion.

If there is a specific course or area of focus you are interested in – contact us here at Creating Edge & we will let you know the anticipated arrival time.

Simply, we wanted to make the courses accessible to as many people as possible.

PDF downloads can be used on all forms of technology.

Accessed anywhere, anytime.

PDF’s also provided the opportunity for teams to get involved in group activities and tackle their biggest / hardest topics together!!

So, download & get started.

Tell your friends & your work colleagues, so they can download the course for themselves & get started!!

It is as easy as that.

Our mission is to help as many leaders as possible, as fast as possible!!

Our free tools help leaders get started straight away!

Leaders are able to see if any particular course would be suited to them.

We have Skill Assessment where leaders can review their own activities against some of the biggest challenges of each course topic.

An instant guide to the course suitability for themselves.

They can also access the 1st 10 tips from each course for free to get started straight away.

Creating Edge also provides a pocket card to print / laminate for leaders to keep in their pocket / wallet / purse for constant reference.

We have made it as easy as possible for leaders to get started.

Making a difference to themselves & work with their team to start shaping team culture.

Who Is It For?

The correct answer is both – we design the process with the leadership team & implement withe the team.

Technical leaders & teams who might find themselves wanting to focus on people skills more will find the SCJ particularly useful.

The courses are 1st & foremost written for today’s leaders & their teams.

However, the courses are available to & suitable for anybody who has a thirst to address the topic.

Whilst we have definitely written the courses for leaders for use by themselves & with their teams, that’s doesn’t make them unsuitable for anyone else.

Emerging leaders who want to accelerate their career & leadership ambitions will find the courses extremely useful to make a leap in people & performance. 

Individuals who have challenges with any of the topics will also find the course content extremely useful. 

Highly multigenerational!

The challenges faced by people are not culture, race, gender or age specific in anyway!!

Our courses are universal solutions for all. 

Whether you are a leader in

  • Asia Pacific,
  • The Americas,
  • Africa or
  • Europe

And whether you are either :

  • An experienced leaders seeking to strengthen & sharpen your leadership skills
  • Or an emerging leader, aspiring to a strong career in leadership
  • A team member who wants to make a significant difference to their team

You will find the content highly relevant & helpful!

Our targeted solutions are cross-generational which will help leaders & teams of all persuasions.


We have an engagement investment of $2,500 which covers all course materials as required for the full Shaping Culture Journey as part of the process design.

Creating Edge expertise is then engaged as an additional investment to support the team on their journey.

Travel & engagement costs are generally tailored to the size of the Journey with each individual client.

Reach out to Creating Edge & we can clarify joint options.

It’s a question we get asked often!

It’s linked to our mission ‘To help as many leaders as possible as fast as possible!’

By making our courses very affordable, leaders can access courses quickly & start implementing straight away.

It means we can access all areas of the globe with leading content, at an affordable price. 

There is no need to copy the content or forward it – it is easily accessible & affordable to all. 

By purchasing a Creating Edge course you also can access many future course opportunities.

  1. You will be notified of additional content that has been introduced into a course you have purchased.
  2. You will have heavily reduced prices for all new courses!

So, make sure you invite as many of your colleagues, family & friends as possible to get started for themselves!!

Our focus has always been for leaders to work with their teams & shape team culture with course topics.

To facilitate this we are focused on individual team members having access to their own course material.

This way they will receive future updates & additional course opportunities direct to their own email address.

We will always have group price opportunities for teams & organisations to maximise the engagement & impact of our courses.

Just reach out to Creating Edge & we can share these with you!

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