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Customised Transformation & Culture Journey.

For Leaders & Teams Seeking a Step Change.

For Leaders & Teams

Proven journey shaping team culture.

Unify your team vision & purpose.

Increase teamwork & collaboration.

Address your greatest pain points.

Overcome your greatest challenges.

Whatever Your Challenge

Diverse & disconnected teams.

Increased performance focus.

Strategic direction & change.

Re-energising & re-shaping culture.

We can transform your leaders & team.

Roadmap To Success

Proven blueprint for team transformation.

Hybrid, remote or office-based teams.

We address your specific challenge,

Implement at your required pace.

Deliver your leader & team ambition.

Transform Together

Create your own team desired outcome.

Increase team collaboration & focus.

Increase team ownership on direction.

Remove team generational boundaries.

Engage our Strategic Support to help.

Leaders, Teams & Culture All Benefit?


Deliver your objectives.

Establish challenging direction.

Align & unify the full team.

Achieve team success.

Reap the rewards.


Create a collaborative environment.

Collective vision & purpose.

Unified focus on team goals.

Optimise team performance.

Step change people interaction.


Re-imagine your team culture.

Create your own destiny.

Re-energise your full team.

Teams own their direction.

Come together as one.

Transform Your Team

Shaping Culture Journey

Positively Shape Team Culture. Your road map for team transformation. Address your specific challenges, together. Determine your team future together. Galvanise team direction, increase collaboration. Customise your own journey for full team success.

Culture Journey

Performance Skills

Strengthen leadership performance. Step-change your team performance. Target today’s performance roadblocks. Release the team to focus on direction & culture. Email & Chats, Smartphone, Meetings, Distractions, Time. More Performance Skills added in 2023.


People Skills

Enhance leaders people skill abilities. Step-change your team interaction. Remove generational barriers to success. A must for technical leaders & teams. Diverse, dispersed, small or large teams all benefit. Empathy launched - more People Skills to follow in 2023.


How We Help You!

Our proven Shaping Culture Journey,

Provides the platform for success!

Our professional experience,

Addresses your specific challenges & needs.

Tailor made roadmap for your success!

Our Guarantee

A proven blueprint that works.

A transformation in team collaboration.

A journey that supercharges team energy.

A journey for sustainable change & success.

Customised 100% to meet your needs.

What Journey Team Members Say

“I was completely overwhelmed with the passion of everyone talking about the mission in general and what it meant to their respective function and careers.”
“The motivation was not only to the top but also junior level as our Sales Representative. Being a role model, you walked the talk on developing young talents with investment in training programs from Global to Vietnam”
“With your leadership, Vietnam enjoyed an extremely low staff turnover rate of 2% in comparison with 10%-12% all industries.”
“You had transformed the company culture into an engaged and result-oriented one with clearly-defined and shared team ambition to every single employee.  I trust that you would be able to provide great assistance to other leaders to shape the team culture in the desired direction.”
“One of his top leadership skills mostly impressed me is team building. What differently Shane did as a leader was that he created enormous excitement for all of us
Shane restructured global supply chain team in a way to shape the team culture from a traditionally chemical production scheduling mindset towards a more collaborative and competitive business-driven team spirit.”
“I still remember that super global conference, which you don’t feel you are in a meeting, but a highly energised business conference by for all colleagues. As a team, we were highly recognized by corporate through winning a global awards in the category of Intensity”.

“Whilst at first glance it might seem strange for an Englishman to be giving an Australian a reference on culture , in the case of Shane I have no hesitation whatsoever.  He is a master in this area.”

“He transferred these skills to team building and team leadership. A team comprises of individuals with different strengths and skills, but a team brand encourages them to represent the group as a whole e.g. “I can’t help with that, but my team can”.  Individual performance is also enhanced because no one wants to let the team down.”

“Shane develops this environment using openness, feedback and praise in a work hard and play hard culture.  The team I was a member of was a global distributed team with a core in the company headquarters but with full members reporting to Shane in Europe, US, LATAM and Asia. He achieved a team identity with this diverse, multi-cultural group.”

“Such a team also develops a positive external reputation quickly, not only for the role they fulfil, but also for operating as a coherent group. “Don’t mess with that group, they are all joined.”

“As well as enjoying working in Shane’s team I developed personally. I also managed a global team and found his approach and coaching excellent and shamelessly copied it.”

“His incredible focus on achieving results through culture and team dynamics was the best example of culture creation I have experienced.”

“Shane knows how to challenge, how to motivate and how leaders best give recognition. His practical experience will help you to build the confidence of your Team and show you how to put them in the spotlight by allowing them to receive the credit for their work and feel valued.”

“I am convinced that the cultural edge in leadership that Shane has developed will benefit any organisation. Shane embodies servant leadership and is committed to supporting Teams by creating freedom for people to achieve more than they ever thought possible.”

“Working with Shane was enlightening from the word go. Never short of an insightful story or real-life example, he has greatly helped me personally and the people I worked with and managed at the time.”
“His wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership was instrumental for us to help shape the leadership team and team culture in the firm. We closely worked together for many months, which had huge and lasting impact on the teams and individual leaders alike.”
“Working with Shane was always enjoyable and challenged myself and others to be a better version of ourselves. I look forward to working with Shane again in future and cannot recommend his personable, unique, and impactful style enough.”
“Having worked with Shane over many years, I can honestly say he has played an enormous part in shaping me into the leader I am today, a leader I could only once dream of being and one I am proud to be.
“I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with many great leaders but Shane for me truly stands out. He had the ability to change the context, helped me see the drift we were in and helped the team co-create a different possibility for the future.”  
“Importantly, he created a safe place to stretch me out of my comfort zone and at the same time gave me the confidence to have wings to fly to even greater places.”
 “As a team, we were facing many challenges on the operational, strategic, cultural and personal front, probably one of the most challenging times of my career.  The relationship and level of connection Shane had enabled the team and I personally to watch Shane grow as a leader over the years which was a pleasure to see.”
“Through Shane’s leadership, he managed to shift the team context to one of being the most respected team in the company, a proud team with a strong brand image, connected into the business, orientated to the customer, a can-do attitude and able to shift mountains and at the same time having fun with a smile.”

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