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How Your Leadership Can Inspire Serious Change!

How Your Leadership Can Inspire Serious Change!


Leadership is more than a key factor in inspiring serious change – it is the critical element.

You have the unique opportunity to influence the direction of an organization or a team & inspire or motivate them to strive for success.

How exciting does that sound?

It takes effort & commitment.

You must understand the impact of your words & actions can have on others. To effectively inspire serious change, you must be able to communicate a clear & compelling vision, motivate others to achieve that vision, & foster a culture of collaboration to achieve it.

An even better first step in inspiring change is to build the compelling vision with your core team members to carry the vision & energy forward together.

Together, communicating a clear & compelling vision, articulating the goals & objectives in a way that all team members can understand and relate to them.

Be specific & share why a particular goal is important – how it will benefit those involved & the team.

Capture the imagination of the team, give them something to strive for.

Collectively motivate & inspire others to achieve the vision.

A team effort led by you – inspiring speeches, clear communication so the end goal is clearly understood.

Create an environment that encourages risk-taking & allows for experimentation. Recognise those that go above & beyond for their effort & dedication.

Foster an atmosphere of creativity and innovation which strives for teamwork & collaboration above all else. Where team members feel comfortable & safe to take risks, to think outside the box, to come up with creative solutions & be active contributors to change.

An environment where everyone is given the opportunity to contribute & their opinion is heard & actively contributes to outcomes. Where everyone is working together towards the same goal & is motivated to succeed.

With the right leadership, any organization or team can achieve great things.


Which performance or people skill are you going to inspire your team with?

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Initial Tips on How Your Leadership Can Inspire Serious Change.

  1. Model all desired behaviours you want you see in the team.
  2. Ensure everyone understands the goal with a clear timeline.
  3. Encourage collaboration & teamwork across the team.
  4. Involve core team members in the vision & goal setting.
  5. Establish honesty, trust & respect as core values.
  6. Communicate regularly & effectively to all team members.
  7. Listen to all ideas & opinions – be open to feedback.
  8. Always encourage two-way dialogue in a safe environment.
  9. Encourage creativity and innovation.
  10. Recognise your team members for their efforts individually & collectively.
  11. Provide all the resources & support required by the team.
  12. Constantly show passion & enthusiasm for the vision & goals.
  13. Provide opportunities for growth for all team members.
  14. Embrace change and new ideas – get out of your comfort zone.
  15. Always ask questions to clarify the teams understanding.


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