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Are You a Leader or Follower – People Skills Your No.1 Priority?

Leader or follower on people skills

Are You a Leader or Follower – People Skills Your No.1 Priority?


Leaders heavily influence the performance of teams & success of organisations, purely with how they interact with their team & their people skills they demonstrate.

People leadership skills make an incredible difference for leaders. Its astounding how many leaders wait until a 360 degree feedback session before they take elements of people leadership seriously

They are essential for success, for shaping team culture & influencing team growth.

Get on the front foot & positively shape your people skills & leadership capability.

Leaders without strong people skills or choosing to ignore the strategic advantage of them, will struggle to effectively lead & motivate their team for success – why wait.

Initial People Skills to focus on:

  1. Empathy & understanding your understanding on the needs of others.
  2. Excellent communication skills combined with the ability to listen.
  3. Communicating to motivate & inspire others into action.
  4. Two way constructive feedback focused on enhancing performance.
  5. Strong sense of accountability across the team.
  6. Sensitivity to the feelings of others.
  7. Relationship building with team members.
  8. Give praise & recognition when it is deserved.
  9. Create an environment of trust, respect & collaboration across the team.
  10. Ability to build consensus & unity whilst making decisions.
  11. Be approachable & friendly with an inclusive style
  12. Always be open & honest to build trust across teams.

People skills are critical area of leadership expertise – why wait?

The initial people skills help leaders create an environment where teams flourish.

Team members are increasingly engaged to their role within the team & have higher role satisfaction when they feel valued by their leader.

Waiting until a relevant people skill is suggested to you means missed opportunities.

Create the environment that people want to be part of & outside witnesses want to join by leading with people skills as a core leadership focus.

Teams thrive on inspiring direction.

Strong people skills in leaders allows them to build strong relationships & foster a culture of collaboration & teamwork across the organisation.

Team members who feel like they’re part of a cohesive team are more likely to work together to achieve common goals & be active members in a shaping culture journey.

Inspire your team.

A Shaping Culture Journey provides leaders & teams to work together on people skills for a greater team outcomes. A tailored journey that can support teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to ensure people skills are at the heart of both leaders & their team.

Place people skills with your team as your highest priority – lead with people skills as following is a missed opportunity.

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