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Power of Positivity, Refresh and Make Positive Changes Today

Smiling Children Vietnam

Power of Positivity, Refresh and Make Positive Changes Today


After spending the past few years exposed to the modern news cycle, the instantaneous impact, general fear or mood it seeks to create, it’s easy to get caught up with challenging thoughts yourself.


Weak economy, dubious politics, inflation, potential profiteering, crime, elections, misleading information all compound together to potentially create a spiral of darker thoughts, a mellowed outlook, possibly even influencing your own approach to life.


It’s a must to remain positive yourself, to apply resilience tactics, to focus on where you really want to be & shut down external noise by adopting a strong filter mindset amongst the plethora of information you will receive to avoid the trap.


Be confident in yourself & what you stand for, not what others have to say about you.


Equally pursue other options, surrounding yourself with positive people & reinvigorating your own outlook on life by connecting with positive environments, stories & energies.


Having had the privilege of working in many Asian countries throughout my career, but not having had the opportunity to get back to them through CoVID a recent short trip to Vietnam reminded me so much of the alternative shared above – creating the power of positivity.

Power of Positivity, Refresh and Make Positive Changes Today

A unique, incredible country, in a strong growth phase with a demographic expressing vibrant youth & a real respect / care for their elderly & disadvantaged communities. I had forgotten the Vietnam smile & what a discovery it was to find it again – it just oozes positive energy.


Immersing yourself within the dynamism & zest of those seeking to drive their surrounding environment forward with an open mind toward their opportunity, seeking to explore every avenue to get better was nothing short of a highly stimulating experience.


Seated with some senior village leaders, enjoying the best local food & everything they had to offer as they explored & sought every idea possible to move their village forward & create a better environment for the community was incredibly uplifting.


The laughs, the smiles, the focus & the energetic animation toward constantly improving was a remarkable change to a dinner discussion not consumed by the days challenging news events, news cycles & subdued outlooks on life.


A reinvigorated / refreshed perspective on what life is all about, was just the tonic to shake off too much time exposed to the challenging information we all receive on a daily basis.


Whilst we all may not have the chance to explore the brilliant energy of a highland village in North Vietnam we can stay in charge of what we want to absorb, how we want to approach the information we receive & with whom we interact.


Don’t wait until you find it too late, start making positive changes today & control the level of positivity or otherwise you receive – it will make a world of difference on your daily outlook & performance.


Thankyou Vietnam for the injection of the Power of Positivity – I will be back soon.