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Why Cost Effective Training Can Add Even More Value!

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Why Cost Effective Training Can Add Even More Value!

Price is always been an interesting barometer whenever considering what training & learning can I undertake with my team. There’s the consideration, that if it isn’t expensive enough, will it be of high value or it’s so expensive, that I can only train a few of my staff.

Technology has deconstructed part of the cost discussion & moved it more toward scale. How can I access a cost effective training source that I can complete with a team that is remote & broadly dispersed.

How can I make learning more affordable so I can increase capability across a large section of my team, not just a select few.

It was a discussion we had at Creating Edge when planning on the investment level of our courses.

We fully understood the hours & hours of research that goes into each course & meticulous planning to organise the information & construct it in a practical way for leaders & teams to follow easily.

We easily could have adopted the position of pricing courses to meet the huge effort that had gone into the creation from a selfish perspective.

But how was that going to help the massive number of leaders & teams that need support? Well it wasn’t going to & we knew we needed to look at it differently – our focus was on helping leaders not ourselves!!

All of our course are appropriate priced for access & scale – we want as many leaders as possible to access as much information as possible, to help as many leaders & teams as possible.

In the eyes of some people being cost effective is mistaken with cheap and low quality. Increasingly that point of view is being deconstructed internationally with businesses like Uber, Spotify, Netflix – any initial concerns on quality are quickly overcome by great service & a cost effective service price.

That’s exactly our view at Creating Edge – cost effective, great service, scalable solutions that leaders & teams can adopt with confidence.

Technology is creating the opportunity to provide learning at scale at a cost effective price.

With time & budgets increasingly tighter in organisations we wanted to provide cost effective solutions that leaders can scale.

Cost-effective definitely does not mean less valuable it means scale & the ability to accelerate change across organisations cost effectively.

Creating Edge courses are cost effective – but are full of practical substance. They are packed with solutions & are we believe, the best value leaders can access on their planned learning skill.

You can see the full range of high value cost-effective Creating Edge solutions here : Creating Edge Shop

 A few reasons why Creating Edge being cost effective helps you!

  1. Our courses are of high quality our investment level is to help you scale across your organisation.
  2. Be less concerned on the investment level today & more focused on the benefits you can capture
  3. Tailor your learning to what you need vs being concerned about the investment cost.
  4. Expand on how many team members you can engage vs the individual cost.
  5. You can feel comfortable in your value for money investment vs high consultancy or expensive course costs.

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