Team Culture Transformation

Why leaders must change the culture on time!


Leaders in all organisations, both large and small, seeking to improve team performance must focus on elements of time leadership & optimising time.


Shape the team culture on how time is used for team success.


At the end of the day – time is money & whilst money shouldn’t always be the driver it helps you consider how to better utilise your time when you consider opportunity cost or poor efficiency.


The modern working environment is highly pressured with a need to reduce costs & manage budgets or profit for commercial enterprises a constant challenge for yourself & your team.


Rather than constantly focusing on the topline or bottom line $, you should work with your team to focus on what happens in between.


Review the team culture when it comes to 4 key performance indicators & time users in teams.

  1. The messaging practices across all technologies = 30% of time spent on messages
  2. Then use of smartphone across the team = 75% say their addicted.
  3. How meetings function in your organisation & team = Between 15-50% or your time
  4. How distractions influence your team’s performance = 80% of staff say they need help


It’s essential to find ways to transform your team’s practices efficiently & optimise your team’s performance by focusing on the biggest potential time wasters. To transform the culture on time.


Time is money & you must be able to recognize where you can save time to optimise team performance & by default optimise your investment.


When it comes to efficiency & productivity there are many opportunities to consider. A great place for you to start is to look at the major impactors on your team’s time today.


Messaging – Yes, messaging & collaborative tools have increased your capacity to work together & increased efficiency in team spaces, but only if they are used properly. With over 30% of your team’s time being taken up messaging if you aren’t optimising messaging behaviours in the team you are wasting time & money. Shape the messaging culture.


Smartphones – Brilliant small computers that are proving tremendously powerful & at the same time addictive. Inside & outside of work hours, everyone struggles to keep their smartphone at arms-length & they are a constant distraction. By focusing on how you & your team optimise their smartphone use – you can save significant time & focus on activities that matter. Shape the smartphone culture.


Meetings – Another significant time user. Not only in the number of meetings but how you run the meetings & optimise everyone’s time in meetings. If you are not focused on the full meeting impact on your organisation, then time & your investment is not optimised. Change the meeting culture.


Distractions – a hidden silent killer of time & efficiency. They can come at you from everywhere – technology, people, environment, your own thoughts – unless you have proven methods of managing distractions than they can cause issues for you & your team. 360 degree focus on distractions.


At Creating Edge we have developed unique, cost effective solutions to transform your team performance.

Our sole focus is to help leaders make a step change & transform teams.


Time is money & if you truly want to deliver the best result from your money invested, you must review & consider your current biggest time wasters in your organisation. We can help you transform your team.

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