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Who Is Smarter? You Or Your Smartphone? Check for Free

Who Is Smarter? You Or Your Smartphone? Check for Free

In today’s world, smartphones are everywhere. They are becoming increasingly important in our lives, both professionally and personally.

With their many features, they can be a great tool for managing your life, staying connected & even getting increased work done. They are a brilliant tool to increase performance – the world is in the palm of our hands.

With all of their capabilities, it can be hard to know how if you are using them to their fullest potential or the smartphone is using you!!

With 75% of people feeling addicted to their phone & spending up to 4 hours & 15 minutes on our phones daily – you have to ask yourself serious questions – is your smartphone making you smarter?.

How do you find out?

What questions can you ask yourself to assess your smartphone use?

  • Are you using your smartphone smartly?
  • Are you wasting excessive time using your smartphones?
  • Can you use your smartphone differently?

All valid questions that we need to understand so at Creating Edge we developed a free Smartphone Skill Assessment!

We have selected 10 common elements of smartphone use to assess yourself in how smart is your smartphone use.

It’s an opportunity to assess yourself & see if you need to make changes!

With an easy follow smartphone skill assessment process:

  • Take the skill assessment to provide insight on your smartphone use.
  • Answer each question on a scale of 1-5, 1= strongly agree & 5 = strongly disagree.
  • Add up your score in a range from 0 to 50.
  • The score helps you identify your current ‘smartness’ with smartphones!
  • Test practical skills that you as a leaders or with your team can address on a daily basis.
  • It is a 100% free tool with no obligation & gives you an opportunity to increase your awareness.

The 10 main smartphone skills areas tested provide you with the necessary insight you’re your smartphone performance.

It’s completely up to you on any focus you wish to adopt after the assessment.

You can always keep the status quo or roll your sleeves up & make a significant difference

The 10 common areas of focus for your smartphone use are:

  • Your exposure to your smartphone.
  • How you manage your smartphone of an evening.
  • Smartphones in meetings.
  • Your smartphone relationship after waking up.
  • Your notifications on your home screen.
  • Your smartphone contacts library.
  • Your smartphone analytics.
  • How often you check your smartphone.
  • Your smartphone security
  • The level of organization

Download the free tool & assess your level of opportunity with your smartphone.

Download here : www.creatingedge.net/free-tools

Our smartphone course covers a significant amount more than these 10 – but it’s a great place to start in assessing your level of need in managing your smartphone.

Don’t delay get started today. Start making you & your smartphone smarter!

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