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Keep Your Eye On the Prize Whilst Under Intense Pressure

Keep Your Eye On the Prize Whilst Under Intense Pressure


Intense work pressure can be so overwhelming you lose sight of what it is you really need to focus on – the bigger prize.

Ensuring you maintain your performance & focus instead of feeling the strain or getting caught on someone else’s priorities.

It is possible to manage intense work pressure & keep your eye on the bigger prize at all times – here are some options to keep you focused on the bigger picture!

1. Have a clear bigger prize.

Ensure you know exactly what you must be focusing on.

The elements of your operational strategy to deliver on to reach the bigger prize you are aiming for.

It will help you be less distracted as pressure intensifies and ensure you have a number of important items to address vs respond to immediate pressures.

Creating Edge’s Shaping Culture Journey is the perfect platform to establish the bigger prize & how to get there.

Keep it as a reference point to constantly bring you back to whats really important.

2. Always prioritise

Always complete what is most important for you, no one else.

As the outside requests mount ensure you stick to your priorities – those actions that deliver the bigger prize.

Have your priorities aligned on a daily basis.

Your priorities must always align to the bigger prize.

3. Be smarter at saying NO

Pressure mounts when you compromise your priorities & conduct activities that take away your valuable time vs realising your goals.

Learn to say NO more effectively & limit the distractions you receive.

Provide yourself the space to continue to focus on the bigger prize.

4. Keep your head clear

Take regular breaks throughout the day to help you stay focused & energized.

Take a few minutes for a walk, meditation, or just get some fresh air.

Breaks can help to clear your head and give you a new perspective on the task at hand – just ensure you leave technology behind.

5. Remove clutter

Get organised as a cluttered workspace can lead to feelings of overwhelm & distraction.

Take some time to organise your workspace & create a system that works for you.

This can help to reduce stress and improve your productivity.

6. Remove external distractions

Remove any sources of distraction from your workspace.

Turn off notifications on your phone & computer.

Avoid multitasking – stay focused on one task at a time to increase your performance.

7. Reframe negative thoughts

It”s easy to get caught up thinking negatively – replace negative thoughts with positive ones that are aligned to your bigger prize.

If you know exactly what you are doing & how it focuses on the bigger picture – you can keep aligned to bigger prize by remaining positively focused.

Shift any negative thought into a positive one by re-framing it.

8. It’s possible

Mindset plays a crucial role in assisting your focus.

Adopting an approach that ‘its possible’ to achieve anything, removes the pressure induced mindset of I cannot achieve anything…always keep it’s possible at the forefront of your thinking.

The bigger prize is within reach – its possible.


These tips can help you to maintain performance under intense work pressure & keep focused on the bigger prize all the time.

Remember, it’s important to take care of yourself & prioritise self-care in the process – sleep well, exercise, eat well & relax as much as possible to keep yourself free to focus.

Taking the time to manage stress & keep focused can help you to stay on top of your game & achieving the bigger prize.

A Shaping Culture Journey supports you focus on the bigger prize.

Reach out for more information here.

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