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Leading By Example Will Make Or Break Your Team Success

Lead by example

Leading By Example Will Make Or Break Your Team Success


Leadership is a vital part of any team & the example that leaders set will make or break team success.

Leadership is the driving force that shapes team culture, sets the tone for the team & encourages all team members to reach their full potential.

Leaders are responsible for creating an environment where employees feel motivated, respected & valued.

Speaking of value – if your team has values & a leader does not live them, what message does that send to the team about the values? Ignore them.

By saying one thing & doing the other, leaders create an environment, where if the leader doesn’t care – why should I care? You break the team.

When you lead by example, your team increases its trust in your leadership & witnesses the behaviours to replicate & follow.

While gathering the right people and giving them tangible objectives are important, inspiring and leading those team members to those objectives and beyond, by example, is even more important.

After all, without an example to follow, there is no direction, nohow, nowhy to a certain action or philosophy.

Here are 10 critical ways you can lead by example to make your team a success.

1. Set a positive example

Strive to be a role model for the team. Demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour & attitude. By setting a positive example, leaders can inspire & motivate their team to follow suit.

2. Demonstrate commitment to the team

Commit to the team’s mission & values – visibly living them in front of the team. Be passionate about the goals & objectives – always strive to achieve them – inspire the team to do the same.

3. Create a culture of respect

Ensure all team members are treated fairly & with dignity. Promote a culture of trust & open communication where the whole team feels comfortable to share their ideas & concerns – they team feels heard.

4. Encourage collaboration

Create an environment where employees can work together to achieve team goals. Encourage creativity, innovation & risk taking where teams all acknowledge one another’s efforts.

5. Demonstrate integrity

Be honest and ethical, always acting in the best interest of the team. By demonstrating integrity in behaviour you set the tone for the rest of the team. Always communicate openly & honestly with your team

6. Show appreciation

Show appreciation for the team’s hard work & accomplishments. Recognise team members for their efforts & reward them for their achievements. Motivate & inspire employees to continue to give their best in all circumstances by acknowledging it yourself.

7. Be organised & time conscious

If you are not punctual or waste time, how can you expect others around you to behave differently. Set the tone on performance yourself to provide clear direction for the team.

8. Respect diversity & be inclusive

Diversity & inclusion isn’t something that all team members may naturally adopt & it requires strong leaders in teams to embrace every element of it to permeate the team culture. Until its embedded in the team DNA, team leaders must embrace to ensure it is.

9. Lead with enthusiasm & energy

Every team faces adversity. How the leader focuses on overcoming challenges with energy & a drive to succeed makes a huge difference to team attitude. Anything less will potentially break the opportunity for success.

10. Take responsibility

Blaming others always sends the wrong message. Accept the responsibility & take accountability in any given situation to demonstrate leadership to the team. Roll the sleeves up & find a pathway forward vs blaming others.


Leaders should always strive to set a positive example & demonstrate commitment to the team.

It’s important to remember that leading by example is not a oneway street. By demonstrating a pathway forward, you lead the team in a positive direction.

Teams are like families – setting the right example, provides the platform to team to follow. 

A Shaping Culture Journey provides leaders with a positive platform to lead by example & create a thriving team culture. A tailored journey that can support teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to harness their uniqueness & create a thriving culture. Provide your team with their platform for success. Reach out for more information here.

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