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Engage, Engage, Engage … Positively Engage Your Team To Prosper

Positively engage your team

Engage, Engage, Engage … Positively Engage Your Team To Prosper


I was at a recent team meeting (invited by the leaders) as part of one of our Shaping Culture Journey process stages. It was only a sort team meeting yet rattled off about 20 things to consider for the team.

The process involved a lot of telling, an assumption that the number of topics would be absorbed & finished with ‘are there any questions?’.

Normally by this point, the last thing anyone wants to do is raise a question, but keep quiet so they can finish the meeting & move onto the next steps.

Whilst the leader had 100% the right intentions of assisting the team & organisation – by doing a lot of telling & managing the discussion, they missed the critical element of team engagement.

Engaging your team is essential for creating a positive workplace, where everyone contributes, feels valued & part of the team.

When your team is engaged, they are more likely to be motivated to help achieve team success.

Fortunately, there are many ways to positively engage your team and keep them motivated – here are few to get started.

1. Be clear on what you are engaging for

The first step to positive engagement is to set clear goals for the engagement that are realistic & achievable.

Ensure you are clear on what it is you want to engage for.

This provides clarity in your communication as well as everyone understanding what’s expected of them & how they can positively contribute as part of the engagement process.

2. Provide clear feedback & ask for some back

Provide clear positive feedback on team progress since the last engagement to help keep the team motivated & stay focused on the goals.

Recognise the positive gains & acknowledge the contributors more than the issues you need to address.

Openly request the teams view during engagement to create a two way street of communication – Ask open ended questions & listen to the feedback.

3. Personalise the discussion

Knowing your team & making them feel part of the team creates a positive environment for engagement.

Take the time to get to know each team member, their motivations & what makes them engaged at work.

Demonstrate your understanding of their position or circumstance & how together you can improve it.

4. Team & Work = Teamwork

Encourage collaboration among your team members to keep them engaged & increase trust & creativity within the team.

Working together helps motivation & performance – build relationships & the concept of we are all in this together, by sharing the positive outcomes as a team, not individually.

5. Celebrate Small Wins

Dont wait for big successes to occur before you recognise the hard work being put in recognise small milestones early and often.

Keep your focus on the energy of the team and the acknowledgement of their progress in the role.

6. Actively Listen

For true engagement listen to what your team has to say.

Allow time for open conversations and actively listen to everyones perspective.

Ask questions and try to understand where theyre coming from.

This will help to foster a sense of trust within the team.

7. Be Seen to Actively Support

Make sure you are actively supporting your team members whether its providing feedback, helping to troubleshoot issues, or offering guidance & advice.

This kind of support will encourage them to keep pushing, even when the going gets tough – they will feel like you have their back & are more invested in overall success.

8. Foster a Positive Work Environment

Make sure the workplace is a positive environment where everyone feels respected & supported.

Encourage openmindedness and creativity, & let everyone know their thoughts & opinions are valued.

By using these strategies, you can ensure that your team is engaged & motivated to reach their goals.

Positively engaging your team for success is essential to achieving great results, so make sure you implement these tips and watch your team thrive!

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