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Exceptional Leaders Strategically Prioritise Employee Experience

Employee Experience Exceptional

Exceptional Leaders Strategically Prioritise The Employee Experience as #1.


Gone are the days where your staff or people are one of the last elements to your organisational strategy – Exceptional leaders strategically prioritise the employee experience as their number 1 priority.

Its your people that make the difference & their experience in your organisation will strongly determine your success.

From point of entry into your team to departure, how individuals experience the team & organisation will determine their effort, energy & willingness to promote your activities externally.

Prioritise your team above everything else if you want everything else to be a priority as well.

For greatest team success make enhancing the employee experience the central & most important element of your strategy.

Create a workplace your team are excited to be part of every day – release them to create the optimal work environment & stimulating plans for your team.

Your employee experience makes the workplace enjoyable, engaging, and meaningful such that in enriches the teams development daily – liberate the team to develop & own it.

A real sense of achievement where you team feel valued & appreciated every day.

As you drive your organisation strategy & visualise a successful future state here is how you can strategically improve employee experience & place it as your number 1 element of strategy?

Have your team lead the charge on the end to end employee experience.

1. Focus on team engagement

Engaged team members are more productive, creative, & committed.

Foster engagement by providing team members with opportunities to collaborate, provide feedback & be recognised.

An open communication platform where dialogue amongst team & leaders is seamless, open & transparent.

The heart of the experience is engagement within the organisation.

2. Make their input meaningful

Team members contributing to the overall success of the organisation enhance their experience.

By developing the vision with leaders you increase ownership of direction & outcomes.

At the core of a Shaping Culture Journey is the principle of involving your team in strategic direction creation & increasing their meaningful contribution at work.

An opportunity for exceptional leaders to release their team to intrinsically design their team’s focus.

3. Acknowledge team efforts

Having a clear benefits, reward & recognition structure helps create a positive experience for all team members.

Teams should feel like their chosen workplace is investing in them & providing them with resources & everything they need to succeed.

Involving team members in the design of this process ensures that all planned rewards etc are meaningful & balanced to the team – lead from the front & involve the team.

4. Communication & feedback loops

The best communication is always two way – where team members can contribute openly to team success. The team are the best source of feedback, ensure effective listening strategies for the team, within the team to increase team involvement in the design of everything – release the team to increase overall input.

Looping back feedback in a timely manner to team members significantly increases engagement.

5. The team owns team culture

A positive culture is essential for a positive employee experience & organisation.

Allow the team own the team culture design, the values to create them within for the team. As leader, clearly be part of the process but hand the reins over to the team to drive the process.

The outcome of which if managed effectively is full team ownership & buy-in to the team culture.


Enhancing the employee experience is essential for any modern organisation.

Prioritising it as the central element of your organisation’s strategic direction is next level as when your team are liberated & the most important part of your whole organisation, they can sense the opportunity.

Our Shaping Culture Journey is tailored to do exactly that & centralise the focus in teams at the centre of strategic success. Our tailored journey supports teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to harness their uniqueness & create a thriving culture. Provide your team with their platform for success. Elevate the Employee Experience to the heart of your strategic direction. Reach out for more information here.

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