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Incremental Gain Is Shallow Transform Your Team for Tomorrow

Transform Your Team for Real Success

Incremental Gain is Shallow – Transform Your Team for Tomorrow


Every organisation private, public or otherwise needs to constantly evolve & change the ways of working – the external & internal environment demands it. Changing via incremental gain is shallow, transform your team for tomorrow for real success. Create a step change for success.

Change is necessary to remain modern, keep attractive for your team, remain competitive, keep up with new technology, maintain the trust of customers, capture new opportunities – the list can be quite endless.

But changing the way an organisation works isn’t always easy, not should it be narrow.

It can be difficult to motivate the team to embrace change, there can be resistance from stakeholders, customers or any other element impacted.

A strategy of small incremental gains making modest improvements whilst potentially successful, generally doesn’t help the team make a step change in their direction. Potentially individuals resist small changes as they cannot see the much bigger picture.

Stand out from the crowd & be bold in a co-ordinated team transformation that resets the boundary for your teams future. Create the platform & space for your team to aspire to greater heights.

Don’t tinker at the edges, liberate the potential of your team.

Approach team transformation in a systematic way to ensure success.

It’s what we do with our Shaping Culture Journey – engage the full team for sustainable transformation vs small incremental gains. Here are 10 non-negotiables for success.

1. Aim High & Visualise

Think big & visualise what brilliant really looks like – consider how far the team could strive for transformative success. Aim high with nothing off limits.

2. Galvanise the Team Purpose & Vision

Determine why you are a team & the reason why you exist. Establish your team vision that aligns with your team purpose. Determine what it is that you really want to set out to achieve.

3. What Team Culture to Create & Values to Hold

Design the ideal team culture you all want to aspire to & the values you will all hold as you strive in developing your inspiration team culture working together.

4. Establish Your Goals & Core Areas of Focus

Determine what you want to accomplish & what you will focus on how to get there. Identifying your goals to achieve your vision & culture. Expand on the core areas of focus to help you transform. This could be team related, customer targeted, aligned to profitability & productivity or whatever makes a step change in your team.

5. Identify the Core Team Members

Your core team members that will make a difference, that will lead the charge & provide the team the space to transform. Keep the positive focus on your key areas identified with strong team members.

6. Develop Strategies in each Core Area of Focus.

Once you’ve identified your core areas of focus it’s time to develop strategies for making them a reality. Whatever the strategies you choose, make sure they are tailored to the particular needs of your organisation & will test the boundaries aligned to your future state, not make minor adjustments.

7. Communicate & Keep the Team Updated

Make sure everyone is aware of the changes that are happening, why they are necessary & their critical role in them. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page & is motivated to make the changes a success. Communication is a the most critical step in team transformation.

8. Track Progress

Monitor, evaluate the progress, maintain a natural tension on delivery. Use visuals to keep everyone involved. Transformation relies on co-ordinated delivery of all key elements within focus areas.

9. Adapt Where Needed

As your transformation progresses if you identify new opportunities or additional next level modifications to the plan – implement & make adjustments! Remember we are aiming for a step change not small incremental gains.

10. Celebrate the Wins

For individuals & teams, as progress is made always take the time to acknowledge success & recognise the movers & shakers in transformation.

These are just some of the positive steps in a Shaping Culture Journey that support a team transformation & thriving culture. Our tailored journey supports teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to harness their uniqueness & create a thriving culture. Provide your team with their platform for success. Reach out for more information here.

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