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Your Greatest Leadership Advantage Is To Love Your People

Love your people & set them free

Your Greatest Leadership Advantage is To Love Your People


Your people are your greatest differentiator & what makes your organisation successful, hence your greatest leadership advantage is to love your people & set them free.

They make the difference. They create, innovate, communicate & execute the strategies that make a your  organisation stand out from any other, they are your secret competitive advantage.

Your priority is to give them all the love they need to feel great about working with you & the team & to provide them with the space to create & make a huge difference.

If I had a $ for every time I have heard for a team member sharing how stifling their leader is & how demotivated they are as a result – I would be a rich person.

Personally, I find it incredible that in todays modern age some leaders still struggle with the concept of loving their people & setting them free!

Making your team feel special about working with you & liberating their potential to make a huge difference.

People are the ultimate asset to any team or organisation.

They bring their own skills, perspectives & experiences to the table, which can help an organisation capitalize on opportunities, solve problems, develop products & services that customers will love.

Give the team the opportunity to transform themselves.

Recognise their excellent work, show gratitude in them being part of your team, continue to thank them & provide them the space to grow.

Remove the limitations & provide the sky is the limit platform.

The people behind an organisation are also the face of the organisation.

They are the interface with customers, they answer their questions & provide the personal service that many customers crave.

They are the developers of the products, services & processes that everyone sees, they are your leadership advantage.

They are your biggest differentiator.

Share the love with them – create an environment they thrive in, where they feel internally compelled to excel to support the leader & organisation they are part of. Share the love on a Journey

It’s people that create a positive culture within an organisation, but only if the leader support, provides the love & space to allow them to. A healthy, collaborative culture encouraging innovation, collaboration & positive morale stemming from the leaders embrace.

Create the environment for your people to flourish.

People are your greatest leadership advantage.

By nurturing the right people, empowering them to think outside the box, creating a positive culture & building strong external relationships with customers, suppliers & stakeholders, you can ensure that your organisation is well-positioned for success.


Creating Edge’s Shaping Culture Journey provides the perfect platform for team success & to capitalise on your greatest leadership advantage, your people.

A Shaping Culture Journey supports a thriving culture providing the space for teams to grow. Our tailored journey supports teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to harness their uniqueness. Provide your team with the love & platform for success. Reach out for more information here.

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