Calling For HR Support!


We have a small favour to ask?

Whilst leading large teams, we always had a close strong working relationship with our HR business partner.

It was a real partnership & we always felt the most important person alongside of us as a leader. We always focused on the environment for our people & ensured that we were creating a workplace where everyone could thrive.

Today, we seek the HR support again & are reaching out to HRBP’s & leaders across the HR community here on LinkedIn for some short research.


We’re seeking your help – we would love you to partner with us!

We’ve been diligently working on Creating Edge for the past 12 months or so collating together what we believe is an extremely powerful set of tools for leaders & HR to use.

Tools that raise both performance & people skills individually & across teams.

We have been using our own experience as a leader of large teams in large corporate environments as well as working alongside some small to midsize businesses – looking at their challenges they have today.

It’s these challenges that we want to address & improve by supporting leaders to be able to make a significant step change in today’s practices.


We have identified a large number of specific areas & topics to focus on.

But, before we progress too far with the remaining courses – we would love a second opinion – YOURS?

We would like to seek the support & involvement of at least 20 Human Resource professionals to ensure that we are providing you with exactly what you need.

Personally, we are very excited with what’s being built but would love to hear your views.

You can see everything here : www.creatingedge.net


Are you one of the 20 HR professionals that can help us?

We are seeking your support in providing some ideas & stimulus towards ensuring what Creating Edge is building is the perfect solution for you.

You could call this a virtual individual focus group.

It shouldn’t take much time, but we hope you see it as a positive investment for yourself – after all we need to make it a positive time investment for you.

It’s not one way traffic so we have some great benefits for you!

We will give free access to our 20 HR business partner supporters to the 1st Creating Edge course.

It will be yours for free to download & use for yourself.

In return, you have the opportunity:

  • To assess what we’re doing
  • How it is being presented
  • Feedback on the message contained within
  • Ensure that the course material works for you
  • Contribute what would further improve Creating Edge

Yes, it is a bit of market research.

There is no catch – it is all free for you.

You’ll gain from the content of the course material you receive for free.

In return we get to hear from you, your thoughts, analysis & feedback on what we can improve.

Any tweaks or changes you suggest we need to help make your life easier.

We’ve just soft launched Creating Edge with our 1st two courses

  • Email & Chats – Stop wasting your time on email & chats.
  • Smartphone – Making you & your smartphone smarter.

There are another ~30 courses already underway & in the pipeline to be released in 2023.

However, we didn’t want to wait until they’re ready – we wanted to engage with you & seek your valued input into the courses & activity before we progressed too far.

Provide appropriate feedback & professional advice from the professionals, today.

Our Email & Chats course outline :

  • 10 targeted modules
  • Over 330 quick fixes, tips, actions & strategies to get started
  • We cover all messaging – collaborative tools, emails & chats
  • We highlight the quick fixes to implement right away
  • Those activities you can embed over time – as its convenient for you!

You can start making a significant difference on email and chats individually & in your workforce.

We have researched the topic extensively to provide you with the latest & best information to manage time wasting in what is a major challenge for organisations today.

We have presented the material in a way, we believe, that is conducive to accelerating and expanding change within organisations.

Online PDF downloads that can be accessed anywhere, anytime but we’d like to seek your advice & your views on the suitability to you, your leaders & your organisation.

Highlighting anything that we need to change or adapt for you!

At Creating Edge, we will close any gaps & are seeking your support to help us do it! 

If you have got this far, then hopefully you would like to join us!

To participate in our ‘individual’ focus group – all feedback is written, unless you would like to discuss.

We certainly don’t want to take up more time than is needed & we wont rush you – 5 weeks should give you plenty of time.

Our aim to is gain your professional feedback & view.

If you would like access to our Email & Chats course for free & in return provide us with some valuable feedback please direct message Shane Emms here on LinkedIn, respond to this particular post or send us an email at support@creatingedge.net

Thank you & we look forward to partnering together!!

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