Why Technical Leaders Can Struggle To Lead People


Leaders from technical backgrounds can struggle to effectively lead people when promoted to more senior positions.


Many have been in the same organisation for long periods of time & may not have had diverse leadership training or exposure to different leadership styles.


Whilst super competent on the technical element & knowledge of the role, they can find the people element much more challenging.


It is one of the primary reasons, Creating Edge was founded.


Technical leaders usually excel in problem solving, but may lack the interpersonal skills needed to lead & motivate people to actually solve the problem.


They may focus too much on the technical aspects of their job, where they are naturally more comfortable & not enough on leading their team, so we set about developing courses to help technical leaders on their own leadership skills & to work with teams.


By being so focused on the technical elements of their role that they take less time than required to develop relationships with their team or understand the needs of individuals. This can lead to an environment of distrust, disunity & frustration – leaders must deepen their engagement with their team members.


They may not fully understand the importance of communication & the frequency required to engage with their team effectively. Communication is essential for a successful team, and without it, the team will be unable to effectively collaborate & work together. Our Communication course will help technical leaders.


Technical leaders, at times, may lack the confidence to lead. They may feel intimidated by their team members & may not feel comfortable leading them. This can lead to a lack of trust between the leader & their team members & an environment of frustration and dissatisfaction. Confidence is something that can be built in our Confidence course.


These are just a few reasons why technical leaders might find it difficult to lead people & why we developed a range of performance & people skills for them.


Technical leaders are experts in their respective fields & should focus on developing the necessary skills to lead people effectively.


They need to focus on their people skills to be more successful effective leaders & how they can transform their team with the Shaping Culture Journey.


Creating Edge helps with Team Transformation & People Skill development.