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Attract New Joiners By Communicating Whats Great About Your Team

Communicate whats great about your team

Attract New Joiners By Communicating Whats Great About Your Team


Nearly every organisation is sharing difficulties on recruiting top talent for their team.

Everyone wants to attract & recruit new top line talent, but are you doing enough to wow them?

Here we will unpack some excellent options you can pursue to make you attractive to the talents you want to appeal to.

With the right recruitment strategy, you can add to your team highly motivated & engaged talent.

Here are some reasons why people might want to join your team.

1. They Hear a Positive Reputation

People are drawn to teams with a good reputation.

Positive reviews, awards & recognition from peers can help attract talented individuals to your team.

Take the opportunity to openly promote the great things people say about you.

2. They Visualise Opportunities for Growth

People want to join teams that offer them opportunities for personal & team growth.

When you offer challenging assignments, training & other development opportunities, you’re more likely to attract the best talent.

Let people know that in your team they will have significant opportunities.

3. They Feel an Engaging Leadership Style

The quality of your team leadership will have a direct impact on how people perceive your team.

When you have strong, positive leaders who have an open mind & engaging style in place, people are more likely to feel confident in your team’s ability to succeed.

People want to be inspired & motivated & they need to feel that from leaders they connect with via personal interaction of media connection.

4. They See a Culture You Want to Be Part Of

People want to join teams that have a positive culture.

When your team is focused on collaboration, teamwork & innovation – you seem to be going places, it can be a powerful draw for top talent.

Externally they need to feel the energy of your interest in moving forward.

5. The Team Values Appeal to Potential Joiners

People are drawn to teams that share their values.

When your team is aligned with the values of the individuals you’re recruiting, it can make them more likely to join your organisation.

Individuals need to see them – make sure they are easily visible on your website or similar.

Critically, external people need to recognise & feel that the values are being lived internally by leaders & team members – they aren’t nice to haves.

6. Benefits & Perks are of Interest

Benefits and perks are often a factor for people when deciding to join a team.

Increasingly it is all about people & culture – you cannot however forget the positive benefits & perks form being part of your team.

Offering competitive compensation, health insurance & other benefits can make your team more attractive to potential recruits.

You can tailor this directly toward the type of individuals you want to attract.

7. A Strong Vision for the Future

Have a clear vision for the future of your team – a direction your current team is really focused on & one that draws people to your team.

Having a clear mission and goals can make your team more attractive to potential recruits.

A vision where new recruits can see themselves making a real difference to the team, toi the environment & the external world they live in.

8. People Can Feel Proud If They Work There

What can new team members tell their friends & family about the great place to work.

Provide them with an elevator speech to share with others on exactly what the team they are potentially part of will do!

By taking the time to create a recruitment strategy that addresses these reasons why people might want to join your team, you can create a more engaged and motivated workforce.

When you invest in the right talent, you’ll be able to achieve your goals more quickly and effectively.

A Shaping Culture Journey helps teams create a thriving culture & increase their attractiveness to new recruits. A tailored journey that can support teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to harness their uniqueness & create a thriving culture. Increase your team attractiveness.

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