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Hear Everyones Valuable Opinion & Ideas By Creating the Platform

Hear Everyones Valuable Opinion & Ideas By Creating the Platform

Hear Everyones Valuable Opinion & Ideas By Creating the Platform

Leading a team where every member feels comfortable speaking up & voicing their opinions & ideas is integral to the success of any organisation.

The way a team leader or member approaches the opportunity for open dialogue has a huge impact on the team contributions, so lets look at how you can create a positive platform.

Employees who are given the opportunity to speak up & share their insights are more likely to feel engaged & connected to the companys mission, improving team morale, collaboration & performance.

Fostering an open atmosphere isnt always simple – follow these steps.

As employees may be hesitant to express themselves due to fear of judgment or lack of confidence in their own ideas here are some ways to encourage team members to voice their opinions & ideas.

1. Create a positive environment

The first step to ensuring team members feel comfortable enough to speak up is to create a positive, respectful environment in which everyones ideas & opinions are valued.

Make sure to emphasise that everyones input is important, regardless of job title or experience level.

Encourage all to participate, independent of source & sincerely value every contribution.

2. Be an example of positive speech yourself

Avoid any condescending language or behaviour.

Allow team members to take risks by offering their own ideas & provide constructive feedback instead of any level of criticism.

Your openness to team commentary will make a world of difference.

3. Show respect & consideration

Make sure all opinions are heard, and responded to with respect & consideration.

Zero commentary that belittles any opinion or idea – no matter how different it maybe.

At worst, thank the opinion provider, capture the opinion & ensure it remains part of the visible information available vs being discounted.

Avoid making a decision until all team members have had a chance to be heard.

4. Seek clarity to avoid misunderstandings

Providing the platform for opinions is one thing, ensuring the opinion & ideas are fully understood is another.

Always seek clarity to ensure the opinion is fully understood & articulated so all understand the exact position & add value tot he opinion.

3. Encourage constructive debate

Encourage team members to engage in constructive debate when discussing projects or decisions.

Not only will it help different viewpoints become more clear, but will also help team members feel comfortable voicing their thoughts.

Instruct team members to voice their opinions and listen to others carefully.

Encourage them to ask questions, talk through their ideas, and discuss opposing viewpoints in a professional manner.

4. Make meetings effective

Ensure meetings are productive & efficient helping team members to see that their opinions have an impact.

Before a meeting, set an agenda with clear objectives that will provide the focus for discussion.

Allow enough time for all participants to express their ideas & listen to what everyone has to say.

Adopting ano talking over each other policy could also help team members feel more comfortable with speaking up & offering their opinions – ensuring everyone feels they are being heard.

Start or end meetings by asking team members to share their opinions.

5. Request anonymous feedback

Providing team members with an anonymous feedback opportunity may help less forthcoming individuals feel comfortable expressing their opinions without fear of any negative judgement.

This could be as simple as sending anonymous surveys or polls after team meetings, or having an anonymous suggestion box for ideas & opinions.

This will give all team members the chance to be heard, regardless of personality type.

A first step to people coming forward without having to be anonymous if they feel heard.

6. Let opinions & ideas run wild

Invite outofthebox thinking & offer positive reinforcement when team members take risks.

Create opportunities for collaboration & idea sharing, such as group brainstorming sessions.

Offer feedback & suggestions to build on team members ideas or help them become reality.

7. Recognise the best opinions & ideas

Recognise team members for their contributions to the teams success.

Celebrate individual accomplishments as part of or contributing to the teams success.

Encouraging team members to express their opinions & ideas can provide a wealth of insight & benefit the organisation as a whole.


By following these suggestions organisations can ensure that all team members feel comfortable & confident voicing their opinion.

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