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A Team Aligned Behind a Vision Will Move Mountains

Team Vision

A Team Aligned Behind A Vision Will Move Mountains


A team aligned behind a vision can move mountains as each team member works in harmony to achieve the common goal.

Success relies on a strong foundation of positive interactions amongst a team all focused in the same direction – the same vision for success.

As a leader by focusing on forming the vision with the team & selling the roadmap for success you lay the foundation for the team to build on.

Step 1. Create a shared vision by establishing values & a mission.

With the team, agree on a concise mission statement that clearly outlines the goals & aligns everyone.

Establish the values you will adopt for success. Values that enable each team member to align themselves to the pathway forward.

With the base set, dream big, focus on the vision of the team.

A team vision of the future that you are all aiming for – a vision everyone wants to align to.

Your focus at all levels must connect to the bigger picture.

Step 2. Each team member should understand how their efforts tie into the vision.

Provide clarity so team members comprehend & understand how everything they do contributes to the overall success of the full team & vision.

Assign team members clearly-defined tasks & responsibilities that are fully aligned to achieving the overall vision.

Team members must be clear on their individual & team contribution to the vision – how they can make a huge difference.

Encourage ownership & accountability of the outcome.

Leverage individuals strengths for greater group success.

Step 3. Be clear on the prize – what success looks like, so everyone can feel it.

Provide regular feedback on progress.

Rewarding successful completion of key tasks contributing to the vision.

Create strong communication channels to & with the team connecting achievements & progress.

Step 4. Focus on collaboration & teamwork

Foster a collaborative environment where everyone feels safe to contribute ideas & provide critical feedback to ensure vision alignment.

Have realistic targets everyone can work together on achieving.

Step 5. Encourage out of the box thinking

Ideas should be welcomed from all team members & team members encouraged to think outside of the box for the team’s collective benefit.

The more innovative the greater potential appeal & stretching of the vision – discount nothing.

Step 6. Maintain an enthusiastic attitude as leader

Leadership is essential in keeping teams aligned behind a vision & focused on the prize.

Motivate team members to continuously pursue the common goal – don’t compromise for average outcomes.

Provide regular & meaningful feedback acknowledging the effort of the team.

Lead with passion and commitment by setting a positive example to the team.

Bring enthusiasm and energy to work every day.

A team aligned behind a vision will move mountains. Sell them your roadmap & don’t compromise – care about the details, the fit & the finish – Kevin Rose

When teams are aligned behind a shared vision, you can achieve great things together.

Strong leadership is key in keeping everyone motivated while taking deliberate actions to continuously move the organisation towards its goals.

As a priority ensure the team always owns the goals, the vision & their actions to achieve them.

At the heart of success is a Shaping Culture Journey which aligns teams to team success.

A tailored journey that can support teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to harness their uniqueness & align to a team vision.

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