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Supercharge Your Team Connection To Capture New Opportunities

Team Connection to Capture New Opportunities

Supercharge Your Team Connection To Capture New Opportunities

Leaders with a strong team connection make a real difference to team success.

Teams are made up of individual players who work together towards a common goal, contributing a variety of skills, knowledge & expertise.

Team connection is vital in enabling the team to collaborate effectively for a successful outcome. Leaders’ connection with teams even more critical.

Teams can look at leaders as being distant, therefore its incumbent on leaders to break down any real or perceived barriers to deepen connection within teams.

Core tips you can use to increase team connection & capture new opportunities:

1. Foster Open & Regular Communication

Leaders should encourage everyone to share their ideas, thoughts, opinions, & experiences with one another, both in formal team meetings & in casual conversation.

Invite quieter members to participate & provide regular forums of communication connection.

Go out of your way as leader to connect & communicate at every chance – provide & receive open, constructive feedback aligned to team purpose.

2. Create Opportunities for Collaboration

Increase collaborative projects across teams that leaders can be actively involved in.

Regular team building activities & events provide an opportunity for team members to get to know each other better & deepen connection, professionally & personally.

Encourage team members to think of fun activities that will bring the team together & increase bonding.

Be open to ideas & suggestions – benefits will far outweigh costs if carefully planned.

Set aside socialisation opportunities.

 3. Recognize and Celebrate Achievements

Achieving success as a team can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

It’s important that the team is recognised &celebrates its’ achievements together.

Leaders can recognize individual contributions to success as well as the team as a whole.

Rewarding effort, dedication, milestones in addition to achievement.

Be personal to build & strengthen the connection with & between team members.

4. Promote Positive Workplace Relationships

Workplace relationships are key to team performance.

Leaders must promote & encourage strong relationships.

Set an example of professionalism & respect within the workplace yourself.

Encourage team members to connect with each other in meaningful ways.

Appreciate each other’s strengths, reminding your team of the value each other’s skills & talents bring to the team.

Celebrate the diversity of the team such as different cultures, languages, strengths & backgrounds.

5. Create Meaningful Conversations

Leaders should find out what drives, motivates, & interests team members to learn more about their goals & passions.

Create an environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to have conversations that go beyond just work-related topics.

Deepen connection beyond the professional exposure.

6. Have a Vision that Connects

 Building an unified team vision that everyone can align to, naturally increases connection.

If teams can see what’s in it for them – they can collaborate & connect more strongly.

Design goals & objectives that unify to the vision, not place team members in competitive positions.

7. Allow Team Members to Focus on Connecting Themselves

Allow for creative freedom by Giving team members the freedom to suggest & experiment with their own ideas aligned to the visions.

Provide a focus on self-development with team members the opportunity to expand their skills & abilities aligned to the team connection & vision.

Increase team flexibility by providing team members the opportunity to manage their own time and work when it suits them best.

A Shaping Culture Journey provides an opportunity to increase team connection.

A tailored journey that can support teams of all sizes, dispersed or localised to harness their uniqueness & create a thriving culture.

Provide your team with their platform for success.

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